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123Movies – Free Movie Streaming Alternatives

Try these legal movie and TV series streaming alternatives to stream the latest content in full HD.

Let’s be honest, we ask our friends for free movie websites and they are bound to mention the famed 123movies, but what they fail to mention about it should worry you.

You get on 123movies and begin watching your favorite show and everything seems good. However, the reality remains; you are endangering yourself and your computer system.

Piracy has become a plague that keeps on spreading with no end in sight. We want to shed light on the shady side of 123movies to stop you from ever clicking on it again.


A top choice of million, 123movies became a popular website offering free movies and TV shows for streaming. 123movies is a massive network of twelve websites sharing one domain. You can find anything from live shows, sports shows, series, and foreign movies, old or latest releases through the search box.

Moreover, the website does not even mandate signing up. It features a range of content with endless genres making it the oldest and most visited website offering free content.

Tricky workings

If you are wondering how 123movies works then we have the answer. It works like a route guiding you towards copyright content.

Websites like this originate from countries without copyright laws. Therefore, 123movies works by providing you a link to the pirated show or movie by redirecting the user to a third-party site and player.

While the main domain of this website was banned, it has enough mirror websites to keep going and gaining more users every day.

Horrible user experience

The problems 123movies brings users are many. First, when you click on the website, a barrage of pop-up ads appears, and some open different windows. When you press play on movies, ads galore and slow buffering with more ads after every few seconds.

Moreover, explicit imagery ads, fraudulent ads, and viruses are ready to welcome you.

Is 123movies legal to use?

A big no! The site takes unlicensed content and gives it to you for free. Furthermore, if authorities catch you on such websites (through your exposed IP address) then you are in big trouble.

You can expect a heavy fine and do some time, too. Users think using VPNs can hide their IP address but they are wrong. Moreover, such websites will happily take your data and sell it to third parties.

The foundation of such websites is working illegal stuff so while you engross yourself in the jaw-dropping season finale, it is busy doing unlawful things.

However, that’s not all. The extremely damaging viruses the website brings can wipe your hard disk and destroy your operating system.

Streaming services

Your movie could end in less than two hours but the damage will be permanent. Why put yourself through the risk? We understand how fun streaming is and that is why there are legal streaming services to give you the fulfillment.

Choose the right path and go for them, pay and watch shows the lawful way to avoid trouble and enjoy without any feelings of doing wrong. Piracy is a big crime that can land you in hot water, so it is better to beware.

Best Legal Movie Streaming Alternative

The good news is that you can stream full movies & TV shows using one of these top 10 best streaming services we reviewed. They’re cheap and some even offer a free trial.

We highly recommend to also use one of these 10 best vpn services we reviewed. VPNs can give you full privacy and improve your safety by changing your location.

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