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9Lives Dry Cat Food Review: Best for Hairballs

This product contains B vitamins and lean protein for hairball control and healthy weight maintenance. It comes with appetizing flavors of salmon and chicken that your cat will definitely enjoy.

9Lives Dry cat food

9Lives Dry cat food

This product is best at maintaining a balanced and complete nutrition for your adult pet cat who may have weight and hairball problems.

  • Brand: 9Lives
  • Product number: 079100524464
  • Item form: Dry


This cat food has a formula that helps indoor adult cats keep an ideal weight and a healthy digestive system. Just make sure to pair the food with a bit of water since it’s quite dry.


  • Balanced and complete nutrition
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Appetizing flavors of salmon and chicken
  • Reasonable price


  • Dry and best served with a bowl of water on the side
  • Not for baby cats
Value for money

The details

This product is specially made for adult cat maintenance. It contains B vitamins and lean protein that help keep an ideal weight while boosting your cat’s metabolism. Moreover, it is best for hairball control, keeping your cat’s coat in great shape. This 20-pound pack is filled with a mixture of tasty flavors that your cat will definitely love.


The 9Lives cat food is made with appetizing cuts of chicken and real salmon included with a taste of leafy greens. It is delicious and full of nutrients that your cat needs to live a healthy and long life. It is definitely a recipe that your indoor cat can’t resist.


This cat food is uniquely formulated with a highly advanced nutrient system that helps adult cats maintain a healthy digestive system. Moreover, it contains Vitamin E to support your cat’s immune system, Vitamin A for better vision, Vitamin D3 for bone health, and Vitamin B12 for better cognitive function. One pack comes with a mixture of two flavors to keep your cat interested.


Whether your cat is obese or underweight, taking the 9Lives cat food in correct amounts will help your cat gain or lose weight. Not only does it help keep an ideal weight, but it is also filled with essential vitamins for complete nutrition. Furthermore, balanced nutrition helps control hairball growth, thereby promoting a healthy coat.

Value for money

Compared to other cat food products in the market, the 9Lives cat food is very affordable. One 20-pound pack is worth every penny you spend. So, allow your pet cat to enjoy a good quality meal for a cheap price. If you have more than one cat, this product guarantees to satisfy their bellies.

Final verdict

If you think your cat lacks nutrition, this product can provide the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy weight. For cats with hairball problems, taking this product in correct amounts helps in minimizing hairball growth. Note that this product may not be best for cats who lack hydration. However, you can always serve it with a bowl of water on the side.

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