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Ever regret a purchase?

We aim to help you find the best products for the price for YOUR needs. We want to help you avoid buying a product you’ll regret and guide you towards a product you’ll love.

We spot the details, so you don’t have to!

There’s thousands of products in every single category of items. It can be overwhelming and difficult to tell which you should choose. You can take a chance and buy a product from your favorite store and hope it will be good OR you can let us guide you to the best deals.

How we review

After a lot of experience, we have perfected our review process:

  1. Our editorial team consists of shopping experts. They spend days researching hundreds of products before boiling them down a much smaller list.
  2. Our journalists cooperate with the editorial team to make sure these products are the best and who these products are most suitable for.
  3. Our journalists take advice from experts in their respective fields, whether it’s for golf, kitchen appliances or dog toys, they will find authoritative experts to help form their opinion. Together with the expert advice, our journalists also consider consumer reviews & ratings, professional reviews from newspapers, videos, manufacturer’s descriptions and much more before they form their own opinion and present it to our editorial team.
  4. Once our editorial team approve their opinions, the journalists will finally dig into all the details of the products and present only the most important information in unbiased reviews for you to read.

While we may earn an affiliate benefit if you purchase through links on our website, we are not directly paid or sponsored for writing reviews of certain products or brands. We choose the products that’s best from the consumers point of view. We have no reason to advertise one brand or product over another; we simply choose what we believe is the best for our readers.

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Consumer reviews & ratings

We try to always take the consumer’s point of view. Therefore, we are influenced by opinions from people like you, who may leave a review or rating on shopping websites. We do read a lot of consumer reviews and ratings. A product may look good initially, but these reviews can give us an indication of the products durability in the long term. We prefer to listen to consumers, because the shop and manufacturer is usually too biased. Learn more about how we use consumers opinions.

Expert guidance

We are influenced by the opinions of experts. Our journalists contacts experts and seek their advice for product compatability, durability, ease of use and how the products compare to similar models. The experts have either a high education or lots of work experience which allows them to share details about the products we may otherwise have missed. Read about how we use expert guidance.

We test products

Testing the products gives us a great and easy way to compare the products. It’s easier to dig into the details, feel the quality of the product and test the durability, when you have the product in your own hands. We purchase products ourself to make sure the reviews remain unbiased. We do not accept sponsored products in exchange for positive reviews! Learn about our full testing process.

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Who we are

We are consumers, just like you. We have a passion for shopping and a passion for new products and technology. We have been disappointed with fake, biased reviews & poor products too many times. So we decided to create product reviews for shoppers, by shoppers. See our team.

OwlRatings story

OwlRatings started as a family business. Jonathan Gron (the founder of OwlRatings) purchased a coffee maker which was very… disappointing. He read some reviews that didn’t help him and his family, so they decided they wanted to improve and help shoppers like themselves. With help from a journalist, he started writing the very first review about coffee makers and has helped perfecting the review process ever since. It all took off from there, with increasing popularity and more journalists OwlRatings has now reviewed over 15,000 products and more are coming every day. Read the whole story.

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