Consumers Opinions

Consumers opinions matter… A lot. They give a very broad picture of how happy many people are with the products and not just how good we think it is when we test a single product.

Furthermore, if we find negative ratings & reviews from the shoppers who have used the product, we like to test and dig deeper into that. That way we get an idea of whether the product has an essential flaw or if it’s simply a matter of one person who got unlucky with it.

You can always contact us to let use know your opinion of a product. The more information we get of a product, the better our overall understanding of it is. It will help us create better reviews and select better products for you, so it’s a win-win situation. We do read reviews & ratings left on popular shopping sites too.

If we get new information of a product from consumers it may change our opinions of the product, so we will update our reviews and make sure we always include the most up-to-date best products in our reviews.

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