How We Test Products

Research, ratings, expert advice and customers opinions are important factors for choosing which products are the best, but testing it ourselves gives an extra edge. Therefore, we always have and always will purchase products to test for ourselves.

We have tested coffee makers, candy, electric scooters and kitchen knives just to name a few. By testing the products we get a good idea of how long the battery life is, how durable the product is, how it feels in the hand and more important details we cannot get from research alone.

The manufacturers may claim that the battery life of a product is 16 hours, but nothing beats an old-fashioned test to see if those statements actually hold up. We try to test as many products as possible, but with over 15,000 reviews we can’t purchase and test every single one. Some products, like books, mystery boxes or experiences can be difficult to test, therefore we focus on in-depth testing of popular and important products.

What do we test?

It depends on what’s most important when shopping for a certain type of products. For scooters, for example, we like to focus on the battery life and safety, while it for coffee makers can be features and durability. But mostly we will test the same things we rate the products on. Typically, that will be ease of use, durability, features, safety and ease of cleaning. Do take a close look at what we rate the products on and how well we rate them – a lot of work goes into the ratings in the reviews.

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