Our Story

Our Story

In 2020 our founder and his family bought a coffee maker which quickly broke down. He and his family then read a ton of reviews, trying to find the best coffee maker. But most reviews seemed biased or selected very expensive products. Therefore they decided they wanted to improve the shopping experience for consumers like themselves with their own reviews.

The idea was to create a website that not oly provided honest reviews to help benefit the consumer, but also presented the reviews in a great design. Therefore, the first big challenge was designing the website. It was coded from scratch with the help of a few web developers and took over a year to finish.

The family started writing a few reviews themselves, but realized that their lack of education and writing experience meant that they couldn’t continue writing themselves. Therefore, they took a managing role instead and hired educated journalists to take care of the writing.

Now OwlRatings has evolved into a team of people who work very well together. Shopping experts select products, journalists review and write them and they all work together to find the very best products.

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