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Air Fryer Cookbook Review: Best for Quick Meals

For the people who have recently bought an air fryer and don’t know where to begin with, this cookbook is all you need. It has got numerous recipes that aren’t specifically for the air fryers but are also very easy to follow that you can’t stop falling for this one.

Air Fryer cookbook

Air Fryer cookbook

If you recently bought an air fryer or have been wondering what dishes you can make with it, this cookbook is perfect for you.

  • Writer: Jenson William
  • ISBN-10: 1674844468
  • Edition: Paperback


The air fryer cookbook ensures that you try out several recipes, ensuring that you maximize the equipment to the fullest.


  • Affordable
  • Features 600 recipes


  • Unclear instructions
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

This book offers you a glimpse into how easily you can make use of your air fryer to cook the best and tastiest meals.


As an air fryer owner, this cookbook contains about 600 recipes you will ever need to cook in the equipment. It offers recipes for quick snack and side dishes, meat dishes, breakfast and lunch dishes, and sweets and desserts.


Jenson William in his book decides to explore the best air fryer recipes, as there are over 600 recipes in this book designed for both beginners and professionals alike. The category for beginners contains lots of Beef, Pork, and Poultry air fryer recipes. With lots of years of experience under his belt in the culinary industry, this book comes pre-loaded with the best air fryer recipes there are.

Final verdict

With this cookbook, you get great value for your money. Buy the book, take out your fryer and let the adventure begin.

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