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AIRPLUS AP602 Basement Dehumidifier Review: Best Multifunctional

This dehumidifier carries caster wheels at the bottom so you can move it to places easily without depending on any helping hand. The well-built filter would last for longer years without requiring any replacement. Its extracting limit is 50 pints per day along with numerous user-friendly functions.

AIRPLUS AP602 Dehumidifier

AIRPLUS AP602 Dehumidifier

It’s the best multifunctional dehumidifier for large areas.

  • Brand: AIRPLUS
  • Product Number: B086H1ZMTY
  • Color: White


The AIRPLUS AP602 is gaining popularity as one of the most pocket-friendly dehumidifiers for large size basements.


  • Powerful enough to dry wet clothes
  • Caster wheels for better mobility
  • Washable filter


  • It releases hot air and therefore it can make your cooling system less efficient
Energy efficiency
Noise levels
Value for money

The details

Capable of removing 50-pint moisture in a day, the AIRPLUS AP602 is emerging as a great alternative to expensive dehumidifiers. Pick one of the suitable modes to achieve the desired humidity levels quickly. Run it on auto mode when you cannot control this machine manually. It operates flawlessly in the auto mode and dehumidifies the target space within 24 hours.


This dehumidifier has the continuous drainage capacity. It can extra moisture and drain it immediately. Thus, this cutting-edge machine can work continuously for hours to dehumidify a damp basement. You can also set it up in the laundry to dry wet clothes within a few hours. It can also heat up your place during winter days!

Energy efficiency

It is not the most power-efficient dehumidifier. However, this modern-age machine consumes much less power than old-school dehumidifiers. Besides, it got features like auto-restart and auto shut-off features to prevent power wastage.

Noise levels

You will have to cope with humming noise this dehumidifier makes while in operation. Its noise levels can increase or decrease depending on the mode you pick to dehumidify the room.

Value for money

Do you want to buy the most affordable dehumidifier with 50-pint per day moisture extraction capacity? Buy the AIRPLUS AP602 right now with a 1-year warranty!

Final verdict

The AP602 dehumidifier has made our list because of its powerful performance and affordable cost. It also got other advanced features that you seek in a top-rated dehumidifier. Therefore, it is one of our favorite dehumidifiers for basements and large spaces.

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