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Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask Review: Best for Side Sleepers

This sleep mask by Alaska Bear is made using a combination of cotton and 100 percent natural mulberry silk that makes it breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Alaska Bear Sleep Mask

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask has hypoallergenic capabilities and it is best at keeping dust debris as well as allergens from accumulating. Hence, it keeps skin issues like acne and rash at bay.

  • Brand: Alaska Bear
  • Model: AB-EM-001
  • Material: Silk outer with cotton inner


The materials used in the construction of the mask are top notch and are breathable which keeps the skin cool and fresh at all times.


  • The strap is adjustable
  • Made of natural silk
  • Breathable and soft
  • Prevents accumulation of allergens


  • People with larger heads might find it tights
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

If you are looking for a luxury sleep mask but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this Alaska Bear mask, with its silk and cotton construction is the best option for you. It is made of natural silk and has a super smooth texture which helps promote sleep by relaxing your eyes. In addition to this, it is free from all sorts of artificial dyes and chemicals which makes it the best choice for people with sensitive eyes and skin.

Since all-natural products have been used to make this mask, it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-ageing. The material of the mask is so soft that it does not leave any impressions. Moreover, the mask comes with an adjustable strap to help you get a snug fit.


As mentioned, the mask is made using natural mulberry silk and soft cotton. It has a soft cotton inner and a silk outer cover which gives it a luxurious feel. The cotton on the inside is designed such that it does not leave any marks or impressions. Instead, the soft texture promotes blood circulation in the area creating an anti-ageing effect. Moreover, it also acts as protection from the dust and debris that might transfer to your skin from the bedding and the pillows. Since the area around your eyes is more prone to acne and wrinkles, the mask plays a pivotal role in preventing both issues.

Skin care

People with sensitive skin have to take care of anything they wear on their face. Even sleep masks can cause allergies on the skin due to the chemicals and unnatural materials used. However, since the Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask is made using mulberry silk and is breathable, it does not cause any allergies and does not let allergens accumulate. This outflow of oxygen and allergens makes it ideal for individuals who suffer from dry eye as well since the excess heat does not trap inside.

Ease of use

Unlike other masks that come with an elastic band, this one comes with an adjustable strap that allows you to set the mask according to your preference. With elastic bands, you cannot tighten or loosen your mask according to your needs.  You can expand it from 15.8-inch to 27.6-inch circumference which makes it ideal for men, women and children alike.

Final verdict

Overall, the product provides a high value for money. It costs way less than all the luxury sleeping masks available on the market but costs a fraction of it. The Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask has been specifically designed to maximize comfort and aid sleep. The soft cotton inner makes the whole experience much more comfortable.

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