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ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Review: Best Reusable

The company has tried its optimum to make both fashion and convenience go hand in hand. These diapers are washable, highly absorbent, and come in a variety of designs that make them stand out. The suede cloth layer locks away the wetness and promises the baby's sound sleep.

ALVABABY Cloth Diaper

ALVABABY Cloth Diaper

It’s the most stylish washable diaper for babies!

  • Brand: ALVA
  • Product Number: 6BM98
  • Size: 6 Count (Pack of 1)


ALVABABY cloth diaper is washable, comfortable, and pretty stylish. Multiple color and design options have lure many parents to this diaper.


  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Waterproof


  • Not quite reliable for overnight use
Leak protection
Value for money

The details

Do you want to get rid of those white-disposable diapers? Try the new ALVABABY cloth diapers. These are beautifully crafted reusable diapers, which you can buy in multiple colors and designs. ALVA has equipped these diapers with waterproof and super-absorbent materials to prevent leaks. They dry quickly to comfort the baby and prevent skin problems.


This cloth nappy feels pretty soft. You get pocket nappies made of top-quality eco-friendly materials. All the materials are not hypoallergenic though! Avoid using it for newborn babies. These are ideal nappies for toddlers and young kids.


ALVA claims to use super-absorbent material to prevent wetness and leaks. However, several parents have claimed that this diaper is not as good as top-rated disposable nappies are. You will have to check the diaper within a few hours to ensure it is not wet. If it is, then replace it with another comfy ALVABABY cloth diaper.

Leak protection

Choose the right size nappy and you can prevent leaks for hours. This diaper is available in several different colors and sizes. You can easily adjust them to fit perfectly around toddler’s legs and waist. Soft and high-quality Velcro will leave no marks on the kid’s skin. Therefore, your baby will feel comfortable and enjoy a pleasant day. 

Value for money

These cloth nappies are quite affordable. It is tough to find such high-quality cloth nappies in that price range. ALVA has impressed thousands of parents with the build quality and protection these nappies offer. Therefore, you should also consider them as the best designer nappies for toddlers!

Final verdict

Disposable nappies do not please all the parents. Many parents want to find a reusable replacement and ALVABABY cloth diapers are the best for that need. Impressive build quality, design, and shape make these nappies an ideal choice for toddlers.

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