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Amazon Basics Portable Camping Chair Review: Best Lightweight

One of the highest-rated OwlRatings chairs that has a durable steel frame and also comes with a built-in cooler for beverages. Also, contains good quality polyester and it is an imported chair.

Amazon Basics Portable camping chair

Amazon Basics Portable camping chair

With a padded headrest, arms, and seat, it is safe to say this product aims to provide comfort. And it definitely delivers as a person would want to sit in it for hours without getting up because of how comfortable it is to lounge in.

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Model: AMZ-400-BLP
  • Material: Steel


The Amazon Basics portable camping chair seems to offer it all, durability, portability, affordability, along with some added benefits. It has a padded headrest for an elevated comfort level and a convenient cup-holder on the side. And lastly, it has a built-in cooler on the side that can store up to four 12 ounce cans of your favorite beverage. It also has a storage pocket so you can keep your phone or books side and grab it easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Imported and comfortable


  • Doesn’t carry more than 225 lbs
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

This Amazon Basic’s chair is your average camping chair that folds up and folds out so you can sit in on your camping site or the beach, or wherever. The only difference between this and the rest is the quality and comfort level this chair provides.


This chair is made out of durable, high-quality steel that provides the basic framework of the chair. This steel frame is covered by a fabric made 100% out of polyester. It carries just under two hundred and twenty-five pounds, and it has a solid, sturdy construction.

Opening mechanism

The Amazon Basics portable camping chair is in a compressed cylindrical form that you have to pull-out for it to open. It is really easy to fold-out and only takes a couple of seconds to do so. To re-fold it, simply fold the legs and compress it inwards. Afterward, store it inside the carry bag that comes with the chair. The carry-bag comes with an additional shoulder strap that lets you carry it around with you.


Extremely portable as it weighs about eight pounds and is not heavy at all. It is also folded up into a small cylindrical shape that can fit inside the given carry bag. This makes this chair very portable and even more convenient to store.


This Amazon Basic’s camping chair is definitely worth the money. It gives you all you could ask for in a camping chair and more. It is very affordable and offers you many amazing features.

Final verdict

This chair is definitely a go-to for anyone wanting a good-quality yet budget-friendly camping chair. Its sturdy construction and convenient portability offer you a chair that is perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

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