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Amazon Basics A100 Computer Speakers Review: Best Ease of Use

It is a USB-powered computer speaker highly appreciated for its full-metal grill design. It features 3W RMS, power indicator, easy-to-use controls, and robust drivers.

Amazon Basics A100 Computer Speakers

Amazon Basics A100 Computer Speakers

Best basic computer speakers

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Product Number: B00GHY5F3K
  • Color: Black


A100 speakers are a good buy for people on a budget but want to upgrade the poor-sounding laptop or PC speakers.


  • USB-powered
  • 3W RMS
  • Power indicator


  • No headphone jack
Value for money

The details

Nice sleek-looking speaker set from Amazon Basics are simple to set up and deliver a nice sound. They are rated to run at a power supply of 5V delivered via USB.


The most notable feature is the powered USB cable instead of a power adapter. Speakers connect to your computer for both power and audio source. To make controls simple, there’s a single knob on the front of the right speaker. This volume knob also doubles as the power button.  A green indicator light lets you know that the speakers are turned on. However, it does lack the 3.5mm headphone for private listening.

Sound quality

Rated at 1.5W per speaker, the total 3W RM power won’t be able to deliver the loudest sound. However, they work well for providing more detailed sound as opposed to built-in monitor speakers. Behind the metal, the grille is the twin forward-facing drivers; one driver in each speaker.


These all-black speakers feature a compact rectangular design with a mesh grille on the whole front side. 3.07 x 3.07 x 4.92’’ in size and weighs only 1.2lbs, they are compact, lightweight, and portable. For more portability, they are powered by a USB cable that plugs into the USB port. This means you don’t have to sit near the wall socket or requires any power adapter. Made for easy setup and storage, their small size is perfect to carry on the go.


Very simple and easy to use, they are stylish-looking mini speakers that deliver optimal sound quality. Most importantly, they are extremely affordable. A100 is powered from your PC, not the main power wall socket.

Final verdict

Overall, they are great compact computer speakers under $20. The main selling points of these speakers are the USB-powered cable, simple design, and affordable price. Keep in mind that A100 is not a feature-rich speaker pair but for the low price, it offers impressive sound quality.

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