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Amazon Basics PC Computer Speakers Review: Best Design

The USB-powered mini speakers feature a bottom radiator, LED, 5V driver, and an easy plug-and-play installation.

Amazon Basics Computer Speakers

Amazon Basics Computer Speakers

Best computer speakers design

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Product Number: V620SILVER
  • Color: Black


These are highly-rated speakers offered at a very reasonable price. Sound-quality-wise, the mini speakers perform well with good bass response.


  • Stylish design
  • Bottom radiator
  • LED light


  • No Bluetooth
Value for money

The details

An affordable and stylish-looking pair of computer speakers by Amazon Basics.


This 2-piece speaker set features a USB cable that connects to a computer for power and a 3.5mm stereo plug. No need for a wall socket as it draws power from your PC. For bass enhancement, the speakers feature bottom radiators. A rich, detailed, and fuller sound is achieved with a 5V driver.

Sound quality

Most cheap-priced computer speakers lack a passive radiator to produce bass. However, this is not the case with Amazon Basics V620SILVER speakers. They have an integrated radiator at the bottom to deliver springy bass every time. With a total of 2.4 Watts RMS power and 80 Hz-20 kHz frequency range, you get great audio performance from these small speakers.


3.9 x 2.6 x 2.8’’ size and 1.4lbs weight make these Amazon speakers super-portable. Their compact size is easy to take anywhere for crystal-clear sound. Small but mighty in power; the 2 speakers are connected with each other via a long 30-inch cable. This makes it convenient to place these speakers apart for more room-filling sound. Most of the computer speakers you see in the market are black, the Amazon Basics V620 model features a brushed-metal silver finish. Besides, the blue LED light adds to their modern, sleek design.


A stylish and valuable addition to your computer desktop table! With an easy plug-and-play connection, there’s no need for any driver’s installation. For protection and stability, each speaker has a padded base to prevent scratches on the table. With integrated blue LEDs at the base with a plastic diffuser, the speakers look very modern and cool when powered on.

Final verdict

For a price of under $20, they are good-sounding speakers to enjoy music and games on your PC. You can get a pair or 4-pack to create stereo surround sound at a low budget.

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