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AmazonBasics High-back Office Chair Review: Best for Short Persons

This is an ideal ergonomic office chair for people who are seeking more reasonable choices. You can adjust it as per your height requirements, while the nylon casters add to its portability. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it across different rooms.

AmazonBasics High-back Executive Office Chair

AmazonBasics High-back Executive Office Chair

Apart from its sleek and professional design, its price point makes it an excellent budget pick.

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Furniture Finish: Pewter
  • Launch date: Dimensions


This office chair is the perfect pick for users looking for an affordable option without compromising style or function.


  • Affordable
  • padded armrests
  • solid construction


Value for money

The details

When looking for an office chair, you would probably prefer to buy a functional and affordable one without skimping on style. Amazon manages to integrate all these features in this high-back office chair. It’s made of high-quality materials (PVC and bonded leather) giving it a sophisticated look.


Its 360-degree swivel enhances this chair’s range of motion. This feature is pretty handy for employees who multi-task, as it enables them to move from one place to another without getting up. It’s also equipped with nylon casters, which facilitate smooth movement when seated.


The chair has a high back design with a curved construction, which contours to the natural curvature of the spine. It is this feature that enhances comfort and proper posture. What’s more, the lower back has a slight lumbar protrusion, providing ample support to your back.


Notably, this office chair has few adjustable settings compared to other offerings. Still, it lets you adjust the seat height using the pneumatic handle below the chair.


The AmazonBasics office chair is a reasonable buy for a price point of below $150. The good news is that Amazon doesn’t skimp on durability and the essential features for an ergonomic office chair. For example, the seat height is still adjustable, and the tension locking feature enhances comfort, especially when working for long hours.

Final verdict

If you’re shopping for an office chair on a budget, the AmazonBasics office chair is your best bet. Its leather
construction gives off an elegant vibe while the adjustable functions enhance
the much-needed comfort for an office chair.

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