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AN Cooling Weighted Blanket Review: Best Breathable

Tired of always overheating or waking up sweaty after sleeping under a weighted blanket. Well, with this AN Cooling Weighted Blanket, that is not something you will have to worry about anymore.

AN Cooling Weighted Blanket

AN Cooling Weighted Blanket

This is the best breathable weighted blanket in the market. You can enjoy all its calming features without the extra heat often associated with weighted blankets.

  • Brand: AN
  • Asin: B082S182WQ
  • Fabric type: 100% Cotton


This blanket has a simple design. You can place it in your living space or bedroom, and it won't look out of place. It is made using non-toxic glass beads and hypoallergenic cotton, making it an ideal option for people prone to allergies. The cotton is also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe for use by children. The downside is that you should not clean it with a washing machine. It should be hand washed and hung out to dry. Also, if you need a cover, you have to buy it separately from the blanket.


  • Simple design
  • Non-toxic glass beads
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Hypoallergenic cotton


  • No machine washing
  • Separately-sold duvet cover
Value for money

The details

The AN weighted blanket gently covers the body, kind of like a warm hug. This consequently has a calming effect, helping you sleep better at night.  

Below are other fascinating characteristics of this weighted blanket discussed in detail.


This all-season weighted blanket is made of hypoallergenic cotton with non-toxic glass beads as a filling. The cotton helps improve the breathability of the blanket. Glass beads are temperature neutral and keep little heat, making this the perfect cooling blanket.

The neat stitches used on the blanket keep the filling from shifting from one compartment to another, allowing for uniform weight distribution throughout the blanket.

This blanket also has eight buckles along its edges. These buckles are used for fastening the blanket to a duvet cover and holding it in place.  


Being made from natural cotton and glass beads is enough to increase this blanket’s durability drastically.

But the blanket also boasts of a seven-layer sewing technology that keeps the blanket neatly sewn together, preventing any bead leakages. Handwashing and air-drying also increase the lifespan of the blanket.


The blanket is made of 100% cotton, making it silky to the touch. Glass beads are smaller, denser, and make the blanket less bulky. The even distribution of the glass beads encourages airflow and helps keep you from overheating.

Given that you should choose a blanket that is 10% of your body weight, this 15 lbs will provide the most comfort to an individual weighing between 140 and 160 lbs. Also, as it measures 48 by 72 inches, it is best for a twin-size bed.


With major pros like Oeko-Tex certified cotton, non-toxic glass beads, and great breathability, it is no wonder that this AN weighted blanket is top-rated. It also sells at a reasonable price, leaving you with enough wiggle room to get a duvet cover.

Final verdict

This AN Cooling Weighted blanket is recommended for hot sleepers who have been shying away from weighted blankets because of overheating. If the product does not meet your needs, you can return it within 30 days, with no restocking fees.

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