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Ankace Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best for Large Dogs

This dog training collar can operate up to 2000 ft. that says a lot about its powerful configuration. It has 3 training modes that serve as a dependable helping hand. The LCD feature lets you keep an eye on each second’s progress along with the battery consumption.

Ankace Remote 2800 Feet Rechargeable dog shock collar

Ankace Remote 2800 Feet Rechargeable dog shock collar

The collar is equipped with conductive silicone prongs for protecting your dog’s skin and coat. Be sure to push the top of the silicone prongs until it comes into contact with the upper part of the metal prongs to prevent them from coming off.

  • Brand: Ankace
  • Product Number: B07TV1QJ2P
  • Material: Nylon


This dog collar is suitable for pet owners training their dogs in open spaces like forests. It has a long wireless range and safety features to keep your dog from developing injuries when worn for a long time.


  • Enhances safety during training
  • Long and stable wireless connectivity
  • Waterproof


  • Is non-responsive when not fully charged
Wireless Range
Value for money

The details

A long-range dog shock collar gives you the freedom to train a dog in an open space. You can control him from a long distance and send commands remotely when your dog can’t see your hand or voice signals.


Even the lowest shock or vibration setting is effective, but this e-collar works better when used along with reward training activities. Also, training your dog in basic obedience commands goes a long way in developing the desired results.


With up to three training modes, you can fine-tune the collar to the safest and most effective setting. Its shock and vibration setting has up to 100 adjustable levels allowing you to perform progressive obedience training on your dogs.

Wireless range

The device is equipped with the newest Qualcomm microprocessor that supports its long wireless range. The microprocessor uses the RF433Mhz technology that ensures a stable and strong signal over distances as long as 2800 feet.

Value for money

The device is pretty affordable for its numerous features. Apart from the basic features (long wireless range, adjustable training modes, and waterproof construction), the manufacturer adds silicone prongs to enhance your dogs safety.

Final verdict

Overall, Ankace does a pretty good job designing and equipping this e-collar with handy features for training a dog over vast spaces. Also, the fact that it keeps your pet safe at this price point is a bonus.

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