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ANMEATE SM24 Baby Monitor Reiview: Best for Two Rooms

Featuring a high-quality digital camera, 2.4 GHz wireless HD video monitor, a temperature monitor, 960ft transmission range, 2-way audio, night vision, high capacity battery.

ANMEATE SM24 baby monitor

ANMEATE SM24 baby monitor

Best baby monitor for two rooms

  • Brand: ANMEATE
  • Model: SM24
  • Maximum range: 960 feet


ANMEATE wireless video monitor has many valuable features such as the option to play four lullabies or have a two-way conversation when your little one is resting, making it an affordable and exciting product which gives your baby a source of entertainment as well.


  • HD Wi-Fi baby monitor
  • Cheap price


  • Signal issues
  • Minor bugs like frozen video
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

This model is quit handy; since it comes with a HD monitor and a parent unit as well. It has a quick and effortless setup process that automatically pairs the devices. Due to its simple structure, everybody should be able to manage the user interface easily. This monitor has one of the lowest prices in the market. It has a long battery life of over 8 hours which is pretty solid. Unfortunately, its range is shorter than the average, and the camera is only adjustable manually, which makes it somewhat limited. On the other hand, it doesn’t have many features which some parents may find unpleasant. Overall, we think it is a good option if you are on a budget. With its basic yet fundamental features, this monitor will get the job done. 


ANMEATE baby monitor features a high-resolution screen with 2x zoom magnification for full coverage. The 2.4-inch screen can offer a live view when registering. The camera has 8 infrared LED lights and can constantly monitor the baby’s activities. Other built-in features include automatic night vision and temperature control. The video monitor covers a transmission range of up to 300 meters. But it has been reported that after some distance, the monitor experiences low signal issues such as screen freezes and lags.

You can play 4 relaxing lullabies or use the two-way talk intercom function to comfort your babies while you are away. You just have to plug in your camera and monitor to use this easy-to-use baby monitor. The lithium-ion battery is 950 mAh and lasts 8 hours in eco mode. The battery life is probably the most vital feature of this monitoring device. It is a sound-activated monitor, which means it only transmits data or video signals if the baby makes noise above a certain level. Sound-activated baby monitors emit less EMF radiation and have longer battery life.

The temperature alert function of the device allows you to see exactly how warm or cold the baby room is. If the temperature drops too low or rises too high, the parent unit warns you immediately. This is an excellent function that many parents find utterly helpful.


The monitor itself is manufactured by a Chinese producer based in Shenzhen. It is a very light baby monitor with only 422 grams, making it very easy to travel with. It is a simple device with fundamental features. The reviews and reports show that the monitor works well for some months, but after a point, some reports show that problems start to occur. The problems such as a decrease in battery life, decrease in signal power, and buttons not working properly are the main complaints of some users.

Since it is a cheap product manufactured in China, it seems that quality control is not the best. While some parents experience no issues and are extremely happy with the price-performance ratio, some are frustrated and want a refund. The good news is that the company has good customer service, and there are many incidents that they have sent new devices to the parents who were experiencing problems. Overall, the device is cost-efficient and worth the price, in our opinion.

Ease of use

ANMEATE is one of the most straightforward video monitors in terms of setup and usage. You just need to connect the camera and monitor, then just wait to connect. It has an easy-to-navigate parent unit. The parent unit has a basic menu to adjust settings and use the features such as playing lullabies or enabling two-way audio. Another good point of the device is its portability. You can take the parent unit anywhere and hear, see or talk to your baby no matter where you are in the house. The ECO Mode is also easily turned on from the menu, which increases the battery life significantly. Turning the ECO mode on puts the screen of the parent unit to sleep mode if the baby unit does not detect any sounds. The monitor screen will automatically turn back on whenever the baby unit detects sounds.


The best part of ANMEATE baby monitor is clearly its lower price compared to the other similar devices on the market. With its 55 dollar price tag, it is one of the cheapest models. That is mainly the reason behind its top place on Amazon best sellers and many other lists. This is a basic yet durable video monitor with all of the essential features without any need for extra functions that are rarely used. So, you get a solid device without any luxury for a reasonable price.

Final verdict

ANMEATE baby video monitor is a perfect choice for parents on a budget. It is simple, durable, easy to use, and very portable. There is a reason why this device is always one of the best-selling baby products. It may not give you luxury features like some other monitors with higher price tags, but it will get the job done and won’t leave you half the way.

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