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Aphrodisiac Secret Deep Belly Detox Review: Best Belly Fat Detoxing Fat Burner

If you’re looking for a homemade remedy to help you lose weight, then this ‘Apple Detox Drink’ can help you see results in just 15 days!

Aphrodisiac Secret Deep Belly Detox

Aphrodisiac Secret Deep Belly Detox

A homemade remedy means you spend nothing and you can easily recreate this detox drink anytime that you need it. There is no subscription or expense you have to worry about, and you can make as much as you need prior.

  • Brand: Aphrodisiac Secret


Many people, especially those over the age of 40, begin to suffer from weight gain they cannot control. This apple detox drink helps in removing the excess weight with four simple ingredients. It helps your body flush out toxins and unwanted bacteria that develop into excess fat. It also increases your metabolism so you can burn off fat quicker than it builds up. This recipe, however, is homemade, meaning the results are based on one person, or a few people's experiences and not actually backed by scientific research, so the reliability of information and results could be considered questionable.


  • Super simple recipe with only four ingredients
  • Increases metabolism and helps burn off more fat
  • Flushes and cleanses your body of ‘bad bacteria’


  • Reliability is questionable
  • Not enough scientific evidence provided
Value for money

The details

To keep things simple, this homemade recipe was made to help your body naturally fight off fat and bad bacteria when dieting and exercise prove unhelpful. These weight-loss strategies can only help so much, and there comes a point in life where your body can no longer benefit from workouts and diet plans the way it used to. That’s where the apple detox drink comes into play. It helps you lose the weight you don’t want without the need for workouts or diets that simply don’t cut it anymore.


This drink works in three simple phases. First, you detox your belly, removing all of the bad toxins and bacteria which trap fat and make your stomach bigger. Drinking this will cleanse the toxins and flush them out, so the fat-burning process can take place more efficiently.

Your belly then continues to flatten as you proceed with your day since your body is now burning the pure fat that’s sitting around your edges, stomach, and love handles in order to produce energy. The end result is a slimmer core.

Finally, there is the final phase of firming up your stomach. There is no need to exercise in this case since your body is optimizing burnt fat and establishing its own sturdy shape over time.


The Apple Detox Drink as advertised by Aphrodisiac Secret contains all-natural ingredients which you can find in your home. You can recreate this drink every day with ease without worrying about purchasing the product over and over again.

In order to obtain the recipe, however, you’ll have to buy the digital guide book advertised on the official website. The digital guidebook is a one-time purchase that will last you a lifetime of weight loss and happiness.


The age group which benefits the most from this product are people above the age of 40. This is a homemade remedy, meaning the product is as safe as you make it. There are no preservatives or fillers that you have to worry about, and if you feel those younger than you in the family could use it as well, you’re free to give it a shot.

Value for money

The actual purchase that needs to be made during this endeavor is from the official website. It’s a one-time purchase of a digital guidebook that contains both the recipe and lifestyle that contributes to better health and a more fit body.

The current discounted price is $15 for everyone upon purchase. It is backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Final verdict

Sometimes the best weight management plan is one from home. There is no need to diet or exercise or overexert yourself. Sometimes, one little change in your daily routine is all it takes to make the most out of your natural weight loss system to burn fat effectively.

Even though it seems to have a reliable safety profile, it is best to consult with a medical professional if taking this drink for a prolonged period of time will suit your health needs or not.

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