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Armor All Car Vacuum Cleaner Review: Best for Large Cars

It is one of OwlRating’s best-suggested car vacuum due to its durability and efficient cleaning. It is capable of cleaning both wet and dry trash silently.

Armor All Car Vacuum

Armor All Car Vacuum

It provides multiple onboard accessories along with storage!

  • Brand: Armor All
  • Product Number: AA255
  • Voltage: 120 Volts


Being equipped with a 2.5 gallon polypropylene tank and a 2HP motor, it’s an exceptional vacuum cleaner for keep your car and garage clean!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Onboard storage
  • Wet & dry cleaning
  • Works as a vac and blower


  • Not quite maneuverable
Ease of use
Suction power
Value for money

The details

It can take hours to get rid of mess accumulated inside the car, truck, or RV. Get one of the best car vacuum to reduce the cleaning time significantly. Try the new Armor All AA255 utility vac, which got great suction power and performance. It can suck and remove smallest dirt particles hiding inside your car. This car vacuum cleaner also works as a blower to make cleaning much easier.

Ease of use

The AA255 is a portable vac. You need to hold it in one hand and another hand will guide the hose. Even though it’s not super easy to use, it cleans dirt and mess perfectly. That’s why thousands of car owners chose it.

Suction power

Being equipped with a 2HP motor, this cleaning tool can generate great suction power. This particular feature makes cleaning way easier when you have this car vacuum in your garage. It will take only 10-20 minutes to remove all the dust and debris from the car.


It comes with a 2 gallon tank and onboard storage. It is not too maneuverable and that’s why you get several nozzle attachments. Those nozzles make up for limited maneuverability of this vac. It weighs 7lb, so you might not like to hold it in your hand for too long!

Value for money

This car vacuum is more expensive than two vacuum reviewed before it. Long-lasting service, great suction power, and impressive cleaning performance make this wake an exceptional choice.

Final verdict

The Armor All AA255 has gained a huge response from the buyers. They all praise its suction power and cleaning capabilities. You should place the order now if you are planning to buy something similar. You will get it with a 2-year warranty!

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