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ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes Review: Best for Casual Wear

This pair from the Gel-Nimbus series again comes with 100% synthetic and mesh material. The design is lined with high abrasion rubber for extra support and balance as well.

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoes

Best plantar fasciitis shoes for casual use

  • Brand: ASICS
  • Model: 1012A156-400
  • Material: Fabric sole and mesh


The material used throughout is top-notch and well-ventilated. This pair has reflectivity for low light vision and the forefoot and rare foot areas are gel-lined for bounciness and soft base.


  • Springy base
  • Comfortable for long runs
  • Great heel fit


  • Narrow toe box
Arch support
Midsole support
Forefoot cushioning
Value for money

The details

These Gel-Nimbus shoes are very durable, made of the best available material that is heavy duty and breathable. The shaft heights are low, keeping mobility of the feet in all planes easy. The Mesh exterior keeps the interior dry and the outer remains flexible according to the user’s feet.

Arch support

The arch regions of the feet remain at ease and well-supported with the balanced thickness of soles and adjustability of the upper. High abrasion rubbers are placed on the outsoles at critical regions for a smoother run and shock relief, which makes the pair comfortable and reliable for long runs as well.  

Midsole support

The midsoles of this pair are exclusively designed, they come with 3mm additional height for a balanced placement of the feet, relieving any sort of pain or tension. The sole is relatively flat and less curved, which makes this one very comfortable for people with flat feet or low arches.

Forefoot cushioning

The forefoot region is gel-lined with thick cushioning, keeping the feet soft, dry and well-fitted. However, the forefoot region is a little narrow and constricting for people with wide feet. Other than that, the design has soft insoles for a protected use over long runs and heavy work-outs.

Value for money

Although the product is a bit pricey, it offers good value for money. This one might not be the most budget-friendly option but it offers great fit and protection. Heightened midsoles and low light vision make it safe to use, this one also offers great comfort and support for longer runs.

Final verdict

Conclusively, the product has great features and a safe-to-use design. Shocks, rough routes, and humidity will no longer be of your concern with this pair. If you are looking for a long-time investment in a good pair overall, this product is a safe bet for you.

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