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Atomic Habits Self-Help Book Review: Best Overall

First published in 2018 by Penguin Random House, ‘Atomic Habits' is one of the most influential and impactful motivational books, written by James Clear.

Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

  • Author: James Clear
  • ISBN-10: 0735211299
  • Release date: October 16, 2018


Little Changes, Remarkable Results. Atomic Habits is a comprehensive and practical guide on how to create good habits, break bad ones, and get 1% better every day. Anyone who wants to achieve the abovementioned results should definitely pick up a copy of this book.


  • Self-analysis of your strengths and habits
  • Explains how to achieve systemic improvements


Ease of use

The details

Clear says, if you’re having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn’t you. The problem is your system. Bad habits repeat themselves not because one doesn’t want to change but because one has the wrong system for change. You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems. No matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a framework for improving every day! Clear, reveals practical strategies that will teach exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviours that lead to remarkable results.

The science of habit formation is explained through a four-stage process that includes cue, craving, response, and reward. This structure can be used to understand our own patterns, and either grows out of them or reinforce them. Clear says Habits do not restrict freedom. They create it. This would be reassuring for readers who think that people who are intentional and like to follow routines do not have interesting lives with space for adventure.


It is not just pages of pep talk stuck together. It offers a step-by-step plan for building habits that can serve one for a lifetime. Along the way, readers will be inspired by stories about Olympic gold medallists, award-winning artists, business leaders, life-saving physicians, and star comedians who have used the science of small habits to master their craft and achieve their goals. The book reshapes the way one thinks about progress and success and gives the tools and strategies needed to transform your habits. Whether you are a team looking to win a championship, an organization hoping to redefine an industry, or simply an individual who wishes to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and achieve the success that lasts, this book never fails to engage the readers, always wanting more from the next chapter.


The book is already praised by many and is included in top bestsellers books on Amazon. This book can be useful from a student who wants to inherit some good qualities into their schedule to a man in 40s or 50s, a working individual trying to better achieve their goals. The book helps one to set a positive attitude and helps to set the framework towards a better tomorrow. Anyone who wants better understand the human psyche behind our regular habits, or needs to improve said habits or want to know Social Psychology should own a copy of ‘Atomic Habits’.

Ease of use

The major themes of the Atomic Habits are: an atomic habit is a regular practice or routine, not only small and easy to do but is also the source of incredible power; a component of the system of compound growth. Bad habits repeat themselves again and again not because you don’t want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change. Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you stick to them. Following the steps in this book; one can entirely change their prospective on how to adapt and evolve through daily activities. The book has an understandably active pace.


How can we become more aware of our habits, cultivate new ones aligned with our goals, and discard the ones that have been unhelpful so far? Clear’s writing offers some easy, practical, and effective solutions if you have been struggling to get rid of habits that prevent you from being the person you want to be, and finding little success with all your attempts to adopt habits that will take you closer to what you want from life. This book can benefit only those who are willing to believe that individual choices make a difference. Systemic change is important; however, it does not happen overnight. The book tries to keep the difference between our expectations and what is the reality of the situation. Disappointment, regret, boredom, and failure all can be valid reasons for not working towards achieving what one aspires. What is the reasoning behind the idea that tiny improvements made consistently are far more meaningful in the long run? The author offers a useful analogy. He writes habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The same way that money multiplies through compound interest, the effects of your habits multiply as you repeat them.

How adopting a new habit is not only about changing behaviour but also about changing identity is one of the apparent takeaways of the book. People who focus on who they want to tend to be successful with habit formation. To be a reader, to be a leader, to be a runner, to be a morning person, to be a blood donor, these are identities, and people who want to embody these also have a strong sense of the values they care about.

Final verdict

In a cricket match, winners or losers have the same goals. The same applies to life as well. Maybe that be general prosperity, wealth creation, weight loss, or achieving what you want. In more or fewer ways, all of us want to have what we currently don’t, as is the conditioning of the human brain. But what does separates winners from losers? It’s the system or practice that one goes for achieving set goals. When it comes to changing our behaviour, we all need to find out what works for us. But there are several scientifically proven strategies one should all try first. Atomic Habits is a complete, fun, engaging, and simple to understand compendium of those strategies.

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