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AUKEY Car Phone Holder Review: Best for Big Phones

It offers 360° phone holder rotation and uses soft gripping material to protect the phones. It has a shock resistance feature with universal compatibility that makes it suitable for all kinds of phones and cars.

AUKEY Car Phone Holder Mount

AUKEY Car Phone Holder Mount


  • Brand: AUKEY
  • Product Number: HD-C58
  • Material: Silicone


The AUKEY Car Phone Mount is going to offer years of unproblematic service. A 2-year warranty further improves its credibility as one of the finest car accessories.


  • Compatible with a wide range of air vents
  • Open recharge port
  • Pivotal ball joints for complete adjustable
  • Instant release button
  • Padded support


  • Build quality is not as good as other top-rated air vent phone holders
Ease of installation
Value for money

The details

Being one of the most affordable car phone holders, the AUKEY Car Phone Mount is stylish and quite useful. It houses all the popular smartphones safely in a silicone padded cradle. The cradle can rotate at 360° angle and the pivoting ball joint supports further adjustment. Buyers call it a perfect accessory to hold the smartphone in the right position for navigation and communication.

Ease of installation

A few users have found it daunting to install this air vent phone holder. However, AUKEY offers detailed instructions on how to attach the phone holder to air vents and how to place the phone inside the cradle. Follow those instructions and you won’t find it tough to install inside your car.

Quality of material

High-quality silicone material improves the durability of this car phone holder. It will become a part of your car’s dashboard and hold your mobile phones safely for many years. 

Security features

You get a one-touch release button on the back-end side of the phone holder. It protects your device from all sides but allows you to move the device in any direction you want.

Value for money

AUKEY charges a pocket-friendly price for this durable air vent mobile phone holder. You get it with a 24-month warranty and the manufacturer promises a trouble-free service for many years.

Final verdict

The AUKEY Car Phone Mount is affordable, durable, and stylish. Buy it and learn how to install it properly. Thus, you won’t face any trouble in using and maintaining this phone holder.

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