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BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack Review: Best for Cloth Diapers

It is a perfect option for people who want greater storage space, thanks to its 26L roomy pockets. It has a stylish design so it'd compliment your outfit and other baggage proficiently. The 180-day warranty and a tear-resistant body cancel out the risk factor from your investment.

BabbleRoo Multifunction Diaper Bag

BabbleRoo Multifunction Diaper Bag

It’s one of the most stylish diaper bags designed for modern moms!

  • Brand: BabbleRoo
  • Product Number: B07X3QBP6P
  • Color: Dark Gray


BabbleRoo has crafted the most stylish bag, which is equipped with several perfectly-organized compartments for baby essentials.


  • Inbuilt buggy clips
  • 5 insulated bottle holders
  • Large mommy pockets
  • Waterproof


  • Some pockets are quite small
Storage capacity
Ease of cleaning
Value for money

The details

The BabbleRoo Multifunction Diaper Bag has allured thousands of parents to its stylish design. It is a perfectly shaped diaper bag with separate compartments for all the baby essentials. You won’t need your handbag if you carrying this backpack. It provides more than enough storage for storing your jewelries, electronic gadgets, clothes, and other items. Therefore, it’s an awesome choice for modern moms!

Storage capacity

This diaper bag got 26L storage capacity. It’s one of the roomiest backpacks you can buy for storing your baby’s supplies. There are many small and large compartments. Some buyers are unhappy with the size of small compartments, but it still meets your storage needs.

Material quality

BabbleRoo has used high-quality polyester fabric to craft this backpack. It is waterproof from outside and inside. All the pockets are secure enough to protect the stored products in the worst environmental conditions. You will trust it for handling all your belongings safely. 

Easy to clean

Yes, it is easy to clean. The manufacturer prohibits washing it into a load washer. Use a wet cloth to wipe out drink spills and other stains. Use a cleaning brush to get rid of tough stains and the bag will be ready for the next journey.

Value for money

It is a reasonably priced backpack. Although it got impressive design, the material quality is not as good as some cheaper alternatives offer. BabbleRoo offers a 180 day replacement warranty on this bag if you find any design flaws or defect.

Final verdict

You can find numerous diaper bags in the market. None of them will match the storage capacity BabbleRoo Multifunction Diaper Bag offers. Impressive design, well-organized compartments, stroller straps, and changing pad are a few features that make it a perfect backpack for moms.

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