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Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount Review: Best With Popsocket

It has a firm grip and can rotate 360°. It allows single-handed operations along with universal compatibility and a one-click release button to release the phone easily. Best at providing excellent features.

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphones Car Mount Holder

Beam Electronics Universal Smartphones Car Mount Holder

It comes with an extremely durable cradle that holds mobile devices firmly in the required position.

  • Brand: Beam
  • Product Number: Electronics Car Phone Holder Mount Electronics Car Phone Holder Mount
  • Material: Faux Leather


Impressed thousands of car owners with durability and safety feature, this car phone holder is a must-have car accessory.


  • Silicone pad cushioned attachment
  • Quick-release button
  • 360° rotation
  • Adjustable support arms
  • Broad compatibility


  • Sidearms do not open when you press the one-click release button
  • You can’t mount it on moving air vents!
Ease of installation
Value for money

The details

Built to last several years, Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount Holder allows you to drive calmly for hours. Its cradle grips your device tightly to protect it. You get a quick-release button to release the device with one hand. It will hold your phone in an ideal position throughout the day. Therefore, it makes every journey comforting and offers quick access to your mobile device.

Ease of installation

Installation is super easy. Open the silicone pad cushioned clip of this air vent phone holder and attach it to the air vent of your vehicle. That clip won’t damage air vent fins because the phone holder won’t put extra weight on the air vent.

Quality of material

Buyers have reported, this car phone holder is extremely durable. Being made of high-quality material, it will offer a long and satisfying service.

Security features

This vent mount phone holder got side arms and protection from the bottom. It provides ample space to connect the charging cord. It absorbs shock perfectly and grips most of the mobile devices firmly. Therefore, your mobile device won’t fall off while you are driving. You will enjoy the ride like that mobile phone is a part of your car’s dashboard. That’s what many buyers have claimed.

Value for money

It is a moderately priced car phone holder that offers a long and pleasing service. You won’t search for a new car phone holder if you buy this one right now. Beam Electronics is offering a 1-year warranty to assure satisfaction. Therefore, it is a reliable solution for your needs.

Final verdict

Beam Electronics does not charge an expensive price for its popular car phone holder. However, a few users have reported that its side-arms do not release the phone as you push the button. Therefore, you may need to use both of your hands to get the device out of the cradle. It’s the best phone holder to ensure the safety of your expensive mobile phone.

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