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Beats Pill+ Portable Bluetooth Speakers Review: Best Microphone

These speakers provide a way better and wider sound range with the 2-way crossover. It has an auxiliary input option that lets you pair it up with devices that lack Bluetooth features. You can improve the sound quality with its stereo effect that gives the vibes of high-end speakers. The wireless aspects set you free from indulging in the messy cables.

Beats Pill+ Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Beats Pill+ Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Best for in-home use, this wireless speaker sounds great with defined clear audio and has excellent Bluetooth range.

  • Brand: Beats
  • Product Number: ML4M2LL/A
  • Speaker Type: Multi-Room


A mid-size Bluetooth speaker that’s still very portable and easy to use.


  • Long battery-life
  • Defined sound
  • Integrated microphone


  • Not water-resistant
Sound Quality
Value for money

The details

The Beats Pill+ is a portable speaker that has Bluetooth as well as a 3.5mm aux jack to connect the audio source. With easy pair and play design, it’s a handy speaker for listening to music every day.


With a compact design, the Beats pill incorporates passive radiators and a microphone while using 12.5W of amp power to reproduce clear loud sound. 


The speaker measures 12.4 x 22 x 8.25’’ and has a pill-like design, hence the name Beats Pill. A super-slim and very portable speaker; it only weighs about 1.28 pounds. This makes it very easy to carry around in a backpack. However, the speaker doesn’t have a hook or strap to attach with your bike handlebar or bag’s belt. Rubber material around the edges offers a non-slip base to sit easily on any surface.

Sound quality

The 2-way active stereo crossover system generates an optimized field for clarity and dynamic range across all music genres. Then the separation between woofer and tweeter is exactly done similarly to professional music studios. Although it’s a small speaker it delivers very loud audio that fills up the entire room. For multi-room setup, you can pair another Beats speaker. Both play simultaneously for fuller stereo or surround sound effect.


Beats claim that Pill+ has 12 hours of battery life. Onboard controls make it convenient to adjust volume and control playback.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, the Beats Pill+ has an impressive audio quality irrespective of its size. Best for indoor use as the metal grill on the front and back of the exposed speaker is prone to scratches or dents when used outside.

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