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Top 2 Best Meditation Techniques for an Improved Life in 2022

Are you looking to clear your mind and improve your over all well-being? Then it might be time for you to try out meditation. We’ve selected the top 2 best meditation techniques for an improved life in 2021 to help you get into just the right headspace.

The best meditation techniques for an improved life

“Breathe in…. Breathe out”

If you’re new to the world of meditation, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that those two phrases are all you need to know. Okay, that might be an oversimplification, but in its simplest form, meditation is just breathing and clearing out your head.

By now, you probably know that meditation boasts a wide range of benefits, especially for busy adults. Meditation doesn’t take too much time, in fact, all it takes is a couple minutes out of your day. There are many different styles of meditation, each with its own set of benefits and techniques.

Many people who meditate report that meditation can help them reduce stress, clear breathing patterns, increase productivity, and improve their overall well-being. However, with all the different meditation styles out there, finding the right technique can be pretty tough. There are a few things to take into account such as effectiveness, your own goals, schedule, and more.

We’ve done the research for you and selected two of the best meditation techniques out there for an improved life. Our list contains only the best options out there, so keep reading and by the end, you’ll figure out which one fits your needs and lifestyle the best!

Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Improve Performance


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If you find yourself lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can benefit greatly from these techniques. Mindfulness meditation teaches people to place their attention in the moment, which can greatly improve productivity.

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We kick off our list with a meditation technique designed for beginners. Even if you’ve never tried meditating in your life, you can easily pick up on these techniques and ease your mind quickly. This technique is a form of mindfulness meditation, which is a constant life practice adopted from the buddhist tradition.

This technique is specifically designed to help you improve your performance. If you find that your mind is constantly cluttered and can seem to focus on the tasks you need to accomplish, you will greatly benefit from these techniques.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the best types of meditation for beginners. Mindfulness is supposed to help people deal with what is happening at the moment and how to process and release those feelings. It requires you to surrender your attention to whatever is going on at the moment and embracing it, which can help you develop more positive practices and grow in a positive direction.

Best Binaural Beats for Deep Meditation


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If you need to get into a new headspace and develop a new perspective, this meditation technique might be just right for you. Through binaural beats, this technique brings you into a very deep state of mind where it can sometimes feel like you lose all awareness. From there, you can gain new insights and perspectives to help you through life.

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Sometimes, people need to practice deep meditation to really dive deep and develop new perspectives on life and whatever situations they are facing at the moment. This meditation technique brings people into a deeper and more aware state of mind through the power of music.

Vibrations are the core of all sounds, and they can have a powerful effect on human beings. These binaural beats are sounds that vibrate at specific frequencies that resonate with the human brain and bring it into a deeper state of mind. Through these beats, you can reach some of the deepest meditation states wherein a person loses all awareness and becomes fully emersed in the meditation experience.

These beats are great for anyone looking to dive deep into meditation. On the website, you can try out a free sample binaural beat to feel the effects of this type of meditation first hand. Keep in mind, that it takes practice to be able to perfectly dive into a deep meditation state, but with enough practice and help from binaural beats, you’ll be able to reach it and gain new perspectives on life.

What to look for in good meditation techniques

There are many different types of meditation out there, and finding the right techniques for you can be tough. Beginners looking to start meditating to improve their life often find themselves stumped and overwhelmed with all the different information out there.

To make it easier for you to clear your mind and get into the right headspace, here are some things to consider when choosing meditation techniques;

Your own goals

The first thing you need to consider when finding meditation techniques is what you want to accomplish with meditation. When you know your goals and what you need, it will be much easier to figure out what meditation techniques can help you reach your goals.

Ask yourself what you want. Some people need to reduce stress, others are looking to improve their breathing or patience, others want to boost productivity, and others just want to clear their mind. There are meditation techniques that target specific goals while there are others that can help you achieve more goals.

So, to help you narrow down the options, we recommend understanding your goals first, because after that figuring out which techniques are right for you will be much easier.

Types of meditation

Again, there are many different types of meditation. There are simple methods and techniques that would be very easy for beginners to pick up and there are also tons of more advanced methods designed for those with a lot of meditation experience. Since meditation is a crucial aspect of many cultures and beliefs, it will be easy to find lists of all the different types of meditation out there.

Generally, meditation techniques can be divided into six categories. And while there are countless types of meditation out there many of them fall under guided meditation, sitting meditation, breathing, mindfulness, mantra meditation, and moving meditation. Keep in mind, different sources have different meditation categories, so expect some variation when doing the research.

The right type of meditation for you will largely depend on your goals. If you need ground yourself and reduce stress, breathing or mantra meditation might be the one for you. If you need to guide yourself through contemplate something, we recommend mindfulness. Each type of meditation can help you achieve different goals, which is why we highly recommend figuring out your goals before selecting different meditation techniques.

Time & schedule

Another thing to take into account is how much time you have to spare. Many people recommend forgetting about time when meditating, but it might still be beneficial to have a proper schedule. Different people have different schedules and one of the joys of meditation is that it’s flexible and you can easily fit it into a busy schedule.

There are many meditation techniques out there. Some will require your complete focus for up to an hour, or even more sometimes. These techniques can offer a lot of benefits, but not everyone has the time to do it. There are also techniques that last only 5-15 minutes which could be the better choice for those with packed schedules.

Either way, regardless of your schedule, it will be very easy to squeeze in time for meditation. And if you can’t spare enough time for some of the online meditation techniques out there, you can always do it yourself. Just remember that at the core of meditation is focus and breathing, and with enough practice, you’ll be able to get into the right headspace for meditation in a very short time.


What is the best way to meditate easily?

The best way to meditate by yourself is to find a quiet and calm place where you can focus. Start by setting a time limit and maybe a timer to alert you when you’ve reached the limit. Take a seat, close your eyes, and starting breathing in and out. Focus on your body and breath and take note of when your mind wanders. Don’t worry about wandering minds, as that is a quality all humans have. As much as possible always try to refocus on your breath and forget everything around you.

Once you reach the set time limit, slowly get up and that’s all you have to do! Right after, you’ll probably find that your mind is in a better space and you feel much better overall.

Can you meditate in bed?

Yes, you can meditate in bed. People can meditate in any space that they find calm and comfortable. If you find comfort in a specific seat, area of the house, or patch of grass, that can also be a great place to meditate! Remember, meditation is very flexible and everyone has their own ways of practicing it.

How long should I meditate?

That all depends on you. Some people choose to meditate for hours on end, while others only need a couple of minutes. Different meditation techniques take different amounts of time. So, when trying to incorporate meditation into your daily schedule, we recommend find the right techniques for your schedule, whether you have five free minutes a day or 50 free minutes.

Final verdict

With that, our list comes to an end. Meditation is a great way for people to find balance and calmness in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And if you’re looking to clear your head and enter a new headspace, meditation can be just the fix you need.

When beginners try to get into the wonderful world of meditation it can be very hard to find a place to start. To find the right meditation techniques for you, it’s important to really consider your goals and what you need from the meditation.

And once you’ve figured that out, you’ll find it incredibly easy to find meditation techniques that fit your lifestyle, schedule, and needs!

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