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Top 3 Best Online Baseball Training Programs in 2022

Looking to improve your baseball chops and start hitting it out of the park? If so, it might be time to look at baseball training programs. In this list of the top 3 best online baseball training programs in 2021, we review the internet’s top options based on different factors.

The best online baseball training programs

“And he’s hit it out of the park!!”

If you want to hear announcers screaming this when you hit a homerun at the bottom of the 9th, then you need to look at baseball training programs. Regardless of the position you play, training programs are key to developing baseball skills, whether you want to be your team’s go-to hitter at crunch time, cause different players to strike out, or throw a speedy ball to home base to get your opponent’s out.

To really excel in a sport, you have to be training all the time. Aside from your regular sessions with the team, training at home is a great way to improve your skill and get on that first-team roster. And since hiring a private coach is costly and time-consuming, many budding baseball stars have started to look at online training programs.

The beauty of online training programs is that you can go through them in your own time. If you’re not feeling up to it or you have school on a specific day, you aren’t pressured to attend. On top of that, you can also learn at your own pace, so the concepts you won’t waste your time developing techniques that you already have down pat.

The internet is filled with different baseball training programs, which is why finding the right one can be very tough. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top 3 best online baseball training programs in 2022, and we’ve written honest and accurate reviews. That way, you can easily figure out which options fit your standards and preferences.

Best for a winning mentality

Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook

90 %

Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook

If you’re looking to turn your average local baseball diamond into a championship field, this is the course for you. With this program, you can instantly convert your basic baseball diamond into a field fit for the World Series!

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Baseball is a mental game as much as it’s a physical one. When you hit the diamond, it’s important to have a winning mentality from the get-go. And to do that, you’re going to need a training program like Baseball Field Maintenance Handbook. The way it does that is by teaching you how to develop the field in which you play. A low-quality diamond can be hard to play on, and dangerous, especially if the surfaces aren’t uneven.

This is a great program for anyone who manages their own field. In fact, even if you use a public field for playing, you and the team can get together and develop it, creating a safer and better environment for all players. This program specializes in teaching you how to turn a basic field into a championship-level one in a matter of weeks.

Learn how to tweak certain parts of the grass, adjust the field so it fits precise standards, as well as maintain it so it always stays in tip-top quality. The downside to this program is that it doesn’t focus on developing actual baseball skills, making this a better program for managers and coaches rather than players.

Best for pitchers

Building the Perfect Pitcher

95 %

Building the Perfect Pitcher

Any baseball player looking to take on the pitcher role will enjoy this course. It contains tons of different materials designed to teach you all the ins and outs of being a pitcher, allowing you to cause all the opposing team’s batters to strike out.

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

The pitcher is one of the most important positions in baseball. Since they are on the pitcher’s mound, throwing balls to batters, they are responsible for the defence. A pitcher who can throw a perfect game, meaning they strikeout every batter for nine innings can make winning much easier. With a good pitcher, everyone else on the field can relax, so if you plan on taking the pitcher role, you need to be reliable.

If you’re training to be a pitcher, this is a great program for you. This program is specially developed specifically for pitchers, allowing you to develop all the skills and strengths you need for the job. The program features four hands-on courses that teach you all you need to know, from the different types of pitches, all the way to the proper stance and form when throwing.

The downside to this program is that it’s all books. Since it doesn’t come with video sessions and tutorials, some of the skills can be hard to learn. But if you put in the time and effort to practice and develop the muscle memory for the job, you’ll find yourself throwing a perfect game sooner than you think!

Learn the ropes of pitching through different programs designed for different skill levels. So, whether you’re a complete beginner or an athlete getting ready for varsity tryouts, you’ll be able to find the right materials for you with this program.

Best forearm strength training for baseball

Advanced Baseball Training

95 %

Advanced Baseball Training

Just about any baseball player looking to develop their physical strength will benefit from this program. This course is designed to help strengthen your forearm which in turn can help you become a better baseball player.

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Forearms strength is very important in baseball. When you throw the ball, hit the ball, and catch the ball, you use the muscles in your forearm for the job. Professional baseball players spend a lot of time and effort to develop their forearms for the job, and Advanced Baseball Training is a great way for amateurs to train their forearms just like the pros.

Your grip and forearm strength are integral as a baseball player. It’s a major aspect of playing baseball, which is why we chose to feature this program. For this course, you’re going to need basic weight training equipment in your home, but you can also head to the local gym to do these exercises.

When you sign up for this program, you get a collection of manuals you can use to develop your forearms. The manuals contain a variety of exercises you can do to develop forearm strength. It contains different programs that require different equipment, with some exercises and programs requiring no equipment at all!

What to look for in a good online baseball training program

One of the best ways to narrow down your options when searching for online baseball training programs is to look at some key factors that play a big part in your decision. That way, weeding out the optimal options from the sub-optimal options is way easier. Here’s a quick list of things to look for and consider in online baseball training programs.

Personal goals

One of the best ways to find baseball training programs fit for you is to align them with your goals. If you aim to be the best player during your weekend games at the park, you require a different training program than a person trying to go pro or apply for a scholarship.

If you have high goals such as getting into a D1 team, then you need to put in the time and effort it takes to complete rigorous training programs. To become a top athlete, you need to put in the work, and it can take many years to accomplish your goal. However, if you’re looking to beat out the neighborhood rivals at the local park, then you don’t need that intense of a course.

Either way, always make sure to take your goals into consideration before looking at the different online baseball programs.

Skill level

If you’re a beginner player, then you’re going to have to start with the basics. This includes how to throw and catch properly different batting techniques, and the basic positions and strategies. From there, you can start learning the more complicated aspects of the game on your way to becoming an advanced player.

However, if you’re already an advanced player, you shouldn’t waste your time on basic online training. What you need are rigorous and specialized programs that can help you achieve your athletic goals. The best way to learn baseball is to choose programs that teach you everything you need to learn and to do that, you first need to assess your own skill level.


The next thing to consider is the position you play on the field. Obviously, pitchers need different programs and exercises than catchers, who also need a different training program than outfield players. The key to winning a baseball game is giving all the players designated roles that they can play well and stick to throughout the course of the game. So, always make sure to get training programs that are aligned with your own play style and position.


It’s crucial to opt for training programs aligned with your schedule. You do not want to overload yourself with training that causes an imbalance in your life. Before subscribing to the different training programs and methods, you need to make sure that they fit into your schedule to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Learning materials

Different training programs use different methods. Some of them include one-on-one video sessions, others contain a set of video tutorials, while some simply use textbooks and diagrams to teach you the concepts. None of these methods can be considered the “best” since everyone has different learning styles. The best way to decide on a baseball training course is to choose one that uses learning materials that you find effective and worthwhile.


Lastly, you need to consider your own set of equipment at home. While some baseball training programs don’t require any equipment, others might require you to have weights or head to the batting range. Since you’re already spending money on the training program, it’s best to choose options that don’t require you to buy any additional equipment. Or at the very least, make sure that the program only requires equipment you have easy access to for a more convenient learning process.


Can you learn baseball online?

Yes, online baseball training programs are a great way for beginners and experienced players alike to hone their skills and get better at the game. However, you still need to make sure to put in an active effort to learn the ropes, do the exercises, and understand the concepts.

How many baseball positions are there?

In a standard baseball team, there are nine positions. These aren’t set in stone and they are more based on experience and tradition. The following are the positions you find in a baseball team; catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder.

Is baseball hard?

Baseball is a grueling sport that requires a lot of strength, stamina, and skill. With that said, it’s also a very fun sport that can make for a great Sunday afternoon. And if you want to get better at the sport, it’s always best to sign up for baseball training programs and sessions that you can use to hone your skills.

Final verdict

And there you have it, a comprehensive list that contains the best online baseball training programs on the internet. We chose to feature a variety of options, designed for different players. That way, whether you’re looking to develop a proper baseball diamond or actually develop your baseball skills, you can find the right option on our list.

And if you think one of these courses suits your needs and can help you become a better baseball player, all that’s left to do is sign up for the course and get to training!

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