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Top 2 Best Online Dancing Lessons and Methods in 2022

Ready to start lighting up the dance floor? If you’re looking to learn how to move so you can own the dancefloor at your next party, you might want to consider online dancing lessons. In our list of the top 2 best online dancing lessons and methods in 2021, we’ve selected the best options for anyone looking to let loose.

The best online dancing lessons & methods

“You killed it on the dancefloor tonight!”

If you’ve ever wanted to hear your friends tell you this at a party, you might want to take up dance lessons. Dancing simply isn’t natural for many people, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with two left feet forever. To learn how to move to the rhythm of the music and bust out killer dance moves, we highly recommend online dancing lessons.

Instead of heading to your local dance studio, you can simply sign up for different online dancing classes where you can learn different moves all from the comfort of your own home. On top of that, you can practice in private and surprise all your friends the next time you hit the club!

In this day and age, there are tons of different online dancing lessons and methods out there. There are some classes designed to teach you to freestyle, some for hip-hop, and even classical dancing classes! And when searching, the sheer amount of options can be very overwhelming.

So, to make it easier to find just the right class for you, we compiled a list of the best online dancing lessons and methods out there. These classes are designed to teach you how to control your body, get fit, and get moving to the rhythm of just about any some out there!

Best belly dancing lessons

Belly Dancing Course Online Dancing Lessons

95 %

Belly Dancing Course Online Dancing Lessons

Anyone looking to learn the ancient and beautiful art form of belly dancing will enjoy this course. It’s tailored for beginners to learn all the basic techniques and the videos are very easy to follow with friendly and skilled instructors.

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Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance that can be traced all the way back to ancient Egyptian times. It is known for its fluid movements that are simply beautiful and stunning to watch. On top of that, belly dancing is a great workout to get your body moving and looking healthier.

With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to start belly dancing. This is a course designed for beginners, so it brushes over a wide variety of topics. This course contains 50 different videos taught by different instructors. In the videos, you get to see how to do the moves slowly and close up, allowing you to catch every single detail.

The dancers and instructors and skilled and friendly, which makes it much easier to follow the videos. However, since the videos are all pre-recorded they tend to lack a personal touch. If you pay close attention to the videos it will be easy to wrap your head around the concepts. And before you know it, you’ll be impressing everyone with your fluid belly dancing moves!

Best pole dancing methods

Pole Dancing Moves Online Dancing Lessons

85 %

Pole Dancing Moves Online Dancing Lessons

If you want to learn the tricks of pole dancing, this is a great course for you. It’s a detailed instructional manual with step-by-step explanations of all the pole dancing moves you’ll need to learn to create a beautiful routine!

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It’s not a secret that pole dancing is one of the sexiest dance forms out there. And since it requires great strength and coordination, pole dancing is also a great way to get a fit and sexy body! Many people are taking pole dancing classes nowadays – even men! – and instead of heading to a cramped studio, why not try it out alone in the privacy of your own home.

Face it, your first couple of tries at pole dancing aren’t going to look the best, which is why it would be great to start learning in private. With Pole Dancing Moves, you get an instructional manual with all the basic pole dancing moves you need. In the handbook, you get detailed explanations on how to perform certain moves and what exercises you can do to prepare your body for pole dancing.

However, since pole dancing requires a pole, it can be hard for many people to practice at home. But if you have the space to install a pole at home, this course can be great fun. This course was created by a pole dancing master who knows all the tricks and moves you can imagine. And once you get past all the basic moves in this manual, it will be much easier to create your own sultry routines!

What to look for in good online dance lessons

Type of dance

When you search for online dancing lessons, one of your primary considerations needs to be the type of dance you want to learn. Keep in mind that there are a ton of different dances out there that span across countless cultures worldwide. Each of these dances has specific moves and concepts, so make sure to find dance lessons that fit your needs.

For example, if you want to learn hip-hop, enrolling in a waltz class wouldn’t be ideal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t combine different styles. For example, there are people who take ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop classes at the same time to create their own unique style. Remember, it’s all up to you, but once you understand what kind of dancing you want to do, it will be much easier to find the right class.

There are even dance classes out there specifically designed to get you exercising and losing weight. Dance is a very flexible art form that you can take on as a form of exercise or expression!

Skill level

If you’re already a fairly good dancer, you wouldn’t want to enroll in a beginner’s class and vice versa. If you’re a beginner and enroll in an advanced class, you might not be able to get the concepts. So, it’s important for you to choose dance lessons that fit your skill level.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so there’s is absolutely no harm in being a complete beginner. Before you go ahead and search for the different dance class options on the internet, make sure you understand where you stand with your dancing skills as this makes it much easier to find the right lessons for you.

Live vs pre-recorded

Another thing to consider is are the sessions live or pre-recorded. Live sessions offer a more personal touch as the instructors can target the areas you have a hard time with and help you with whatever you find difficult. However, live sessions can also be hard to schedule and not everyone has a stable internet connection that can sustain a high-quality video call for a long time.

With pre-recorded sessions, you lose the personal touch but you gain much more flexibility. Pre-recorded sessions allow you to practice or attend the class on your own time. And if you need to rewind or slow down certain parts, that can be much easier with pre-recorded classes.


Before you sign up for different lessons ask yourself, “how much am I willing to pay?”. For more comprehensive lessons, you usually have to pay a higher price, but that isn’t always the case. There are great budget-friendly lessons on the internet, you just have to look hard enough.

The right price for dance lessons largely depends on your means and needs. So, as long as you’re comfortable paying a certain price for lessons, there is nothing wrong with signing up for expensive dance lessons, but there’s nothing wrong with availing of cheaper ones as well.


Are online dancing lessons worth it?

Yes, if you really want to learn how to dance, online lessons are worth it. In fact, many online dancing lessons are actually cheaper than going to your local dance studio. While they do lack the personal touch, online lessons can be a cheaper and more private option for people who want to learn how to dance.

At what age should you start dance lessons?

You can start learning to dance at any age! Many studios offer beginner lessons for students as young as 3-4 years old and even offer beginner classes for adults! If your child starts showing an interest in dancing, it’s best to start them off early and hone their skills.

What age is too late to learn ballet?

In this day and age, there are many beginner ballet classes designed for adults. These classes accept students who are well into their adult life but want to start learning ballet. While it may be harder to develop the flexibility and muscle memory needed in ballet when you’re older, it isn’t impossible so we highly encourage anyone interested in ballet to sign up for classes, no matter the age!

Final verdict

And with that, our quick list comes to an end. There are tons of different dance styles to learn that can greatly improve your skill on the dancefloor. And to get your body moving to the rhythm, it would be best to enroll in online dance lessons.

The biggest advantage of online lessons is that you learn at your own pace, in your own space. So, if you’re ready to take on a new hobby and start dancing, it’s time to choose from some of the best online dancing lessons and methods on the internet today. And once you enroll in the course, you might even find that dancing is much easier than you thought!

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