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Top 2 Best Online Jump Training Programs for Sports in 2022

Looking to jump higher to improve your performance on the court? Then you might want to check out jump training programs to take your vertical to the next step. In this list of the top 2 best online jump training programs for sports in 2021, we take a close look at the different options on the internet to help you find the right one for the job.

The best online jump training programs for sports

Falling short of the rim? Can’t seem to jump high enough to reach the ball? If so, then an online jump training program might give you that extra elevation you need.

A high jump is a crucial skill for many sports. Whether you play basketball, football, volleyball, or even soccer, jumping higher than the competition is a great way to gain an edge over the competition. In this day and age, jumping is a fundamental aspect of most sports that athletes spend countless hours improving.

And at times, no matter how hard you train, it seems like you can’t get that elevation you need. While practicing alone at home can help improve your jump slightly, a proper jump training program will give you all the exercises you need to develop the muscles your body uses to jump. But with all the different options on the internet, finding the right one for your needs can be pretty difficult.

That’s where we come in. We’ve spent tons of hours researching to find the best online jump training programs for sports in 2022. After weighing in the different features, effectiveness, ease of use, and more, we were able to narrow down our list to the top two options out there. And in this review, we dive deep into the different features and benefits that these programs have to offer.

Best vertical jump training program

Vertical Jump Guide Online Jump Training Program

95 %

Vertical Jump Guide Online Jump Training Program

If you’re an athlete looking to gain an edge over your opponents through jumping, this is the right program for you. Vertical Jump Guide uses a multi-faceted approach to help develop jumping skills and teaches you the exercises through detailed step-by-step tutorials, ensuring that you have the right technique.

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Our first pick on this list is also our favorite. Vertical Jump Guide is a program specifically designed to train your muscles and develop explosiveness, which is crucial in developing a higher vertical. One of the main features and benefits of this program is that it puts the spotlight on activating the right training “mode”.

What sets this apart from other programs on the internet is that it trains your muscles with just the right intensity to develop a higher jump. While other programs teach you the right exercise, they don’t activate your muscles in a way that develops them for jumping. Another advantage to choosing this program is that it uses a multi-faceted approach to jumping. So, instead of just using one single training method, it incorporates a wide variety of exercises to follow that are all designed to train different muscle groups, which allows you to develop a better vertical.

While this program is designed to help many different kinds of athletes, it works best for basketball players. So, if you need a couple of inches on your vertical to reach the rim and dunk over opponents, this program can help you achieve that.

Vertical Jump Guide teaches you different exercises through video tutorials. That way, you get in-depth and detailed instructions that clearly show you everything you need to do when developing your muscles for jumping.

Best training program for jumping higher

Jump Manual Guide Online Jump Training Program

95 %

Jump Manual Guide Online Jump Training Program

If you’re an athlete looking to develop your vertical fast, this is the right program for you. With Jump Manual, you gain access to tons of exercise and diet plans that are specifically designed to train athletes to jump higher and improve their verticals!

  • Effectiveness:
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While there are many programs on the internet that claim to improve your vertical, none of them have the credentials like Jump Manual. This program was featured on tons of legitimate sports websites and channels such as ESPN, Bleacher Report, and even Sports Illustrated! The reason for this popularity is that it’s a jump training program that is effective and has trained tons of different athletes across the world.

Even if you aren’t a “natural” jumper, this program does a great job at helping you improve your vertical. Of course, you still need to put in the effort and dedication to train your muscles to propel your body higher, but the exercises are designed to help you achieve your goals faster.

One of the reasons this program is so effective is that it has different exercises for different jumping styles. Everybody has their own unique jumping style and form, and to develop a higher vertical fast, it’s best to practice exercises tailored to your specific jump style.

This program encompasses all aspects of training. From exercise to mentality, all the way to following the proper diet to develop your muscles. On top of that, it also comes with video tutorials that show you step-by-step instructions on how to jump higher and reach your full potential!

What to look for in a good jump training program for sports

When looking for different jump training programs, there are many things to take into account. Because of this, even with all the best options laid out in front of you, it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. So, to make it easier for you to find just the right program here’s a quick rundown of all the different things to consider when looking at online jump training programs for sports.

Personal goals

When shopping for jump training programs, we highly recommend putting your own goals as a top priority. Before signing up for a specific program, it would help to ask yourself why you need to improve your jump. Remember, the type of jumping and leaping skills required for a basketball player is much different from the type of jumping that football and soccer players do. And to achieve the right jump for a specific sport, you need a training program that addresses just that.

Keep in mind that we don’t mean you need to find a jump training program specifically tailored for your sport. However, we highly encourage you to find a program that can train your muscles for specific tasks. For example, if you need a higher standing vertical, then get programs to address that, but if you need to develop a higher running jump, then you need to sign up for a program tailored to those specific needs.

Skill level

Another thing to consider is your skill level, or in terms of jumping, how high you can already jump. If you have a relatively low vertical, then you need a training program that strengthens the muscles needed for jumping along with teaching you the fundamentals. However, if you already have a decent vertical that you want to take to the next level, you need a program that teaches you how to enhance your muscles and really work on your technique so that you can jump higher.

Required equipment

When you sign up for a jump training program, you can rest assured that you will be doing a wide variety of exercises. When you jump, there are a lot of muscles in your body that you engage. Aside from your legs, you also need a strong core and even some arm strength to develop a higher vertical. So, that means that online jump training will involve doing different exercises that sometimes require specific equipment like weights.

When weighing the different options on the internet, make sure to choose one that doesn’t require you to buy too much additional equipment. Before looking, try and check out the equipment you already have and other pieces you’re willing to invest in then choose programs that only use those pieces of equipment. Since you’ll already be paying for the online jump program, you won’t want to have to pay extra just so you can have all the necessary equipment.


In our experience, one of the best ways to narrow down your options, regardless of what you’re shopping for, is to set a definite price range. Setting and sticking to a specific price range not only helps you budget better but also narrows down your options significantly. So, if you find yourself having a hard time finding the right program for you, try to set a price range to follow and only go for options that fit within the range.


How can I increase my vertical at home?

To train your body to jump higher, you need to practice a wide variety of exercises. When you jump, your body engages a bunch of different muscle groups. Aside from your legs, you also need a strong core, back, and arms to jump higher. So, try and do exercises that are designed to develop the muscles you use when jumping. Another way to improve your vertical is to practice jumping every single day to condition and strengthen your muscles.

Do calf raises increase vertical?

Yes, calf raises can increase your vertical. The calf is a very important muscle when jumping, and if you want to develop a high vertical, you need strong calves. However, remember that this isn’t the only exercise you need to do, and to really increase your vertical, it’s best to combine a variety of different exercises and training techniques.

 Will jumping every day increase vertical?

Yes, when you jump every day, you’re training the different muscles in your body needed for jumping. But aside from regular practice and exercise, it’s also very important for people to practice the proper form and technique when jumping, as this is one of the best ways to instantly improve your jumps.

Final verdict

So, there you have it. A detailed review of the top two best online jump training programs available on the internet. Both of these programs were specifically designed to help you jump higher, and on top of that, they were developed by experienced professionals in the field.

While both of these programs work, it’s always important to choose the right one for your needs as an athlete. And if you believe the right jump program was featured on this list, all that’s left for you to do is sign up!

And if you follow the program properly and make sure to put in the right effort, you’ll find yourself jumping much higher and reaching the rim in no time at all!

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