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Top 3 Best Online Language Learning Programs & Methods in 2022

Looking to pick up a new language and communicate with more people? Then it might be time for you to check out our list of the top 3 best online language learning programs and methods in 2022. We’ve selected the best courses on the internet that will have you speaking a new language in no time!

The best online language learning programs & methods

“Buenos Dias!”

For many of us, that’s about all we know about foreign languages. Learning a new language is a great experience that can be a great help for travelers or people looking to move out of the country. Getting to speak and communicate with native speakers from a different country allows you to learn more about their life, and also get by in a foreign place.

Back in the day, we had to sign up for classes and physically attend them just to get a taste of learning new languages. But nowadays, things are much easier. If you head online, you can find tons of great online language learning programs on the internet. These courses teach you all the basics of forming sentences and communicating in a different language.

Some of the classes give you a personalized touch with one-on-one sessions, while others are simply courses you can follow on your own time. However, since there are so many different classes and courses, it can be really tough to find one that suits your needs and is effective with your learning style.

So, to make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best online language learning programs and methods in 2022. We did the research and chose the most effective courses to help you pick up a new language based on effectiveness, ease of use, and more!

Best methods for learning Spanish

Synergy Spanish Online Language Learning Program

90 %

Synergy Spanish Online Language Learning Program

If you’re flying to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country soon, this could be a great course for you. These practical lessons are geared towards teaching you all the basics of Spanish quickly to help you wrap your head around the language in a short span of time.

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“No hablo Espanol!”

If this is the only Spanish you know and you plan on visiting Spain or any Spanish-speaking country, you’re in for some trouble. Luckily, if you already speak English, Spanish wouldn’t be too hard to learn, especially with the right methods. Synergy Spanish is an online language course designed to help you learn Spanish. This class is known as a “shortcut to Spanish” as it focuses on the main phrases and words you need to know to get around the language.

This website has three different plans users can choose from. Each of them costs a different price and targets different goals. The first plan is a basic course that can help you speak basic phrases, sentences, and handle small conversations. This is best for those who are flying to a Spanish-speaking country for vacation and need to learn Spanish quickly.

The other two courses are a bit more intensive. The advanced plans come with email coaching, video lessons, CDs, and everything that comes with the basic plan. While these lessons can definitely help you get by in a Spanish-speaking country, they aren’t geared towards fluency, so it wouldn’t be ideal for those looking to be Spanish experts.

Best methods for reducing accents and speaking American English

Neuro Lingual Online Language Learning Program

85 %

Neuro Lingual Online Language Learning Program

This is best for those living outside the US looking to develop a natural American accent. This course contains audio sessions designed to tackle your specific problems and have you speaking American English in no time at all!

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If you’re a native English speaker, you probably aren’t aware of how difficult it can be to speak with a neutral or American accent. But for many people worldwide, speaking American English can help them get a job, travel for school, and do many other things. And as any non-native speaker can tell you, developing an American or neutral English accent can be very tough, especially if you do it on your own.

With Neuro Lingual, you can learn how to reduce your accent when speaking English and be better understood by native speakers. This is a great course for those who plan to get a job that requires a neutral accent and good English skills. It can also be a perfect course for those who are flying to the United States and need to learn the basics of speaking English without an accent.

The main feature of this course is it creates a personalized program based on your native language. So, if you have a thick Korean accent when speaking English, it targets areas many native Korean speakers have a tough time with and addresses the problems. The same goes whether you have a Filipino, Indian, or even a Spanish accent.

For a lot of people, speaking with an American accent seems impossible without being born in the country. However, as this course will show you, it can be done much quicker than you might think!

Best methods for learning hebrew

Practical Hebrew Online Language Learning

90 %

Practical Hebrew Online Language Learning

Anyone looking to learn Hebrew can benefit from this course. As the name suggests, Practical Hebrew is designed to teach you words, phrases, and sentences that you can use in your daily life and communicate with native speakers.

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Whenever there is a large Jewish community, you can expect there to be a significant amount of Hebrew speakers as well. Hebrew is known as a pretty hard language to learn, but understanding Hebrew and communicating with the language can be a very useful skill. Practical Hebrew is a great course to help anyone start learning the language, whether you’re doing it to rediscover your heritage, or to communicate with more people in your community.

This course is packed with 40 different modules that tackle different parts of speaking the language. The best aspect of this course is that the modules are designed to help you communicate practically. So, if you’re dealing with car troubles, asking for directions, or trying to talk with someone at a cafe, this course can give you great tips for speaking the language.

Since it’s focused on practicality, you’ll be speaking basic conversations Hebrew in no time with this course. The classes contain written, audio, and video lessons. This allows the website to cater to people who respond to different learning styles and provide a comprehensive learning experience.

On top of all of that, this course comes with great freebies. By signing up on the website, you can receive a basic book that tackles the written Hebrew language, an interview with an expert Hebrew teacher, and even a book with facts about the Hebrew language!

What to look for in a good online language learning program

To help narrow down your options, keep these factors in mind when choosing an online language learning program;

The language

First and foremost, you need to consider what language you want to learn. There are many different language courses out there designed to tackle specific languages. So whether you want to learn how to speak German, Spanish, English, Korean, or Mandarin, you can find specific classes for it.

Remember, it’s always best to go for classes taught or created by native speakers. Native speakers have a unique grasp of their language and they can teach it to others better than non-native speakers.

Skill level

If you’re a beginner at a certain language, you need beginner courses. Following that same pattern, if you already have a base knowledge of a language, then you might not learn much with a beginner’s course. So, when looking for language lessons online, look for courses that are catered to your skill level. It would be even better if you could find websites with multiple courses that teach you a language at different skill levels.

Personal goals

Another main thing to consider is your own goals with the language. Do you want to become fluent? Or do you just need to get on a conversational level? There are different classes designed for different goals. In fact, you can even find online classes that can help you develop a different or neutral accent when speaking.

Teaching methods

Lastly, we highly recommend that you enroll in classes with teaching methods you enjoy. For example, some classes out there only offer modules where you can learn at your own pace. Certain people might respond well to this method, but not others. On the flip side, some classes offer one-on-one sessions that add a personal touch to the learning and can help address your specific issues and goals.

Before choosing a class, ask yourself what kind of teaching methods you respond to best. And from there, it will be much easier to narrow down your options and choose a class.


Can I learn a language online?

Yes, in this day and age, there are many different online language classes that can help you pick up a new language. There are courses designed for specific languages and dialects, and can even be customized depending on your goals. However, keep in mind that the best way to learn a language is through one-on-one sessions with a native speaker, so try to find courses that offer these methods.

Is it hard to learn a new language?

Yes, learning a new language can be very difficult, especially if you’re an adult. However, it is far from impossible. Many people learn new languages in their adult life, but it takes dedication, patience, and practice. Remember, the road to learning a new language is long, but it’s also exciting and can be a gateway to new adventures in your life.

Are online language courses effective?

Yes, online language courses can be very effective. However, keep in mind that everyone has different learning styles and goals, so results may vary. To effectively learn a new language through online lessons, you need to be dedicated to studying the concepts and practicing speaking the language as well.

Final verdict

Learning a new language can be a very valuable skill to pick up. Aside from allowing you to communicate with more people and overcome language barriers, for many people, it can open up a world of new opportunities.

And nowadays, online language learning methods are great ways to wrap your head around a language in the privacy of your own home. With these lessons, you can move at your own pace and get a basic knowledge of a completely new language.

However, keep in mind that learning how to speak a new language is hard. Aside from patience and dedication, you need to search for different people who are native speakers that can guide you through conversations and help you become more fluent.

And with any of our choices in this list of the top 3 best online language learning programs and methods, you’ll find it much easier to at least get basic knowledge of a brand new language!

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