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Top 1 Best Online Personality Tests & Readings in 2022

Looking to understand yourself better? If so, you might want to check out this comprehensive review of the top 1 best online personality test and reading in 2022. After tons of research, we found this option to be the best on the internet, read on to find out more.

The best online personality tests & readings

Feeling confused? Lost? Or do you feel like you don’t understand your true self?

Don’t worry, even the best of us struggle to really find out the “real me” sometimes. And instead of wandering around this wide and confusing world aimlessly, you can take an online personality test to give yourself a better picture of your own character. Understanding your own personality is a crucial step in human development, and it allows you to navigate through a wide range of different problems and situations with ease.

As we all know, understanding one’s personality is the first step in moving forward in life. If you truly know yourself, you can build stronger relationships, tackle problems more easily, and figure out which direction suits your personality and goals the best. And in this day and age, online personality tests and readings can give you a new and different perspective on yourself and open many doors and windows to self-improvement.

If you take a look at all the online personality tests on the internet, you’re sure to find a lot of options. And while a handful of these options would be great ways to gain perspective, there are others on the internet that are complete scams. So, to make it easier for you to weed out the bad options from the good ones, we’ve created a comprehensive and complete review of one of the best online personality tests and readings available on the internet in 2022.

In researching these tests, we made sure to take a deep dive into the features. We checked out how accurate the test is, how convenient it is, as well as how much it costs to take the test. And by the end of the research, we were able to construct an accurate review to give you a crystal clear image of the best online personality tests on the internet!

Best for career, workplace, and team building

Individualogist Online Personality Test & Reading

90 %

Individualogist Online Personality Test & Reading

Anyone looking for a quick personality test that can help them create a better work atmosphere and take their career in the right direction should check out this website. It shows you a generally accurate reading of your personality based on a self-report test that contains 20 different statements that you react to using a simple scale.

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In any corporate or professional setting, the success of the company is largely dependent on how well certain teams perform. In that same light, understanding your team member’s and your own personality can give you deeper insights into what specific things work and what things don’t work, allowing for a much more efficient workplace. Individualogist is a great website for personality tests, as it allows people to take a comprehensive personality test in a matter of minutes and get accurate results!

To take the test, all you have to do is head to their website. Once you are on the homepage, you can immediately take the test for free! This is a fairly comprehensive test with over 20 different statements that you can react to that indicate certain parts of your personality. This is a self-report test, so honesty is crucial in getting accurate results. And remember, since this is a simple online test, you should use the results as a guide rather than a definitive assessment. With that said, many people who’ve taken the test have reported accurate results that you can rely on and use to help you build a better atmosphere at work and push your career in the right direction.

One of the best parts about this option is that it’s completely free, so you can simply head over to the website and begin answering the questions. After taking the test, all you need to submit is your email address, where they will send a long and comprehensive reading. But if you’re in a hurry, you can simply read the abridged reading directly on the website right after taking the test.

One of the downsides of this test is that it lacks a personal element. Since everything is calculated by a computer, there is no human there to really check the results and give a personalized reading. With that said, the computer still does a great job in calculating the results of your answer and gives you a reading that is generally accurate. So, while you shouldn’t view the readings as absolute truth, it can give you a general idea of your own personality and show areas where you excel and areas on which you need to improve.

What to look for in a good online personality test & reading

The reason we chose to construct this review is to show you the best options on the internet. But even with all the different personality tests on the internet laid out in front of you, it can still be hard to choose the right option for you, especially if you don’t know what makes a good personality test and reading. So, to make it easier, we’ve made this quick buying guide to show you all the things you need to check for when looking at online personality tests and readings.

Accuracy & reliability

The first thing to analyze is accuracy and reliability. Personality tests can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour to complete. And after answering all the questions and situations honestly, you’d want to be able to rely on the results. It can be hard to determine how accurate or reliable a test is. It’s crucial to look at accuracy and reliability TOGETHER and not as two separate aspects. It’s very important to make sure that the personality test is both accurate and reliable. Remember, some tests on the internet may be accurate but not reliable and vice versa. So, when looking at the different online personality tests and readings, we recommend looking at the credentials and history of the website to check if it was constructed by an established and trusted professional in the field.


While it may sound like an odd word, when talking about personality tests, how relative the test is to your current situation is very important. Remember, different personality tests and designed for different purposes. For example, a personality test for new job applicants will be looking for different things than a personality test designed for people trying to really understand their personality. So, always consider why you want to take the personality test and choose options that are related to your goals. Before taking one of these tests, you have to make sure that it’s aligned with your goals. That’s why we always encourage people to understand why they need a personality test before choosing from the different options on the internet.

Type of test

In line with the previous factor to consider, it’s always important to know what kind of test you’re taking. There are tons of different tests out there developed by psychologists with different goals. However, typically, personality tests are divided into two classifications: self-report and projective. Self-report tests involve different situations and statements which the readers will then report how it affects them based on a certain scale or criteria. Projective tests involve showing the person vague scenes, objects, and scenarios and asking for an interpretation. One of the most popular examples of a projective test is the famous Rorschach Test.


What are the benefits of taking a personality test?

One of the main benefits of taking a personality test is that you get a more comprehensive understanding of yourself. From there, you can determine the different things you might need to work on as well as your strengths. Personality tests allow you to get a different and accurate perspective on yourself as a person. With a personality test, you can easily gauge which careers fit you, how you can build stronger relationships, and even understand how to make the workplace more efficient.

What are the types of personality tests?

As mentioned earlier, personality tests are typically divided into two categories: projective and self-report. However, within those two categories is a wide list of different types of personality tests designed to measure different parts of a person’s personality. Since there is such a wide range of different personality tests, it can be hard to find the best ones for specific situations. However, if you make sure to choose the right personality test for the job, you can gain accurate and different insights that can give you or your employer a clearer picture of one’s personality.

What do employers look for in personality tests?

When you take a personality test for work, it’s because the employer is looking for how you can handle specific work-related activities. Remember, a personality test should be used to guide employers with their decisions, not be the sole basis for certain situations. With that said, when employers give out personality tests, they usually look for how a person would handle specific situations, how they respond to team members, and how well they can comply with the company’s different rules and regulations.

Final verdict

So, there you have it. The best online personality test and reading that you can take today. Remember, since these tests aren’t administered by psychologists, you have to take the results with a grain of salt. However, since we made sure to choose reputable and accurate options on the internet, you can still rely on the results of these tests to give you a general view of your personality.

When you understand your personality, it’s much easier to navigate through different scenarios in your life. With an online personality test and reading, you can get a quick analysis of your personality. This allows you to have a greater grasp of your own character, and how you can utilize your abilities and unique personality to its fullest potential.

And if you think the test we featured in this review is the right option for you, there’s only one thing left to do: head on over to the website and take the test yourself! By the time you finish, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of yourself and start taking the world by storm with your brand new perspective!

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