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Top 3 Best Online Singing Lessons & Methods in 2022

Do you want to belt out the karaoke song of your dreams? Here’s a list of the top three best online singing lessons & methods in 2022 that you can use to enhance your vocal chops and sing like your favorite artists!

The best online singing lessons & methods

“Wow…I had no idea you had a singing voice!”

Isn’t that something everyone would like to hear from their friends? If you’ve been looking to develop your vocal chops, it might be time for you to sign up for singing lessons.

While some people are blessed with a natural singing voice, others aren’t so lucky. And whether or not you’re a born singer, you still have to go through singing lessons to make the most of your voice.

Most experienced singers in the industry still go to the occasional vocal lesson here and there to brush up on proper techniques. And while a natural singing voice can bring you places, formal vocal training and technique can take you much further.

While singing lessons are ideal for anyone who wants to belt out their favorite songs, finding, the right one can be tough. In this day and age, online singing lessons are the top option for most people out there because of how convenient they are.

And to make finding the right lessons for you much easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top online singing lessons in 2022. We based our choices on effectiveness, price, convenience, and much more!

Best methods for beginners & advanced singers

Singorama Online Singing Lessons

90 %

Singorama Online Singing Lessons

Anybody trying to learn proper vocal techniques to maximize their natural vocal range will significantly benefit from Singorama. Even people who already know how to sing can enhance their abilities through this course.

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Both beginners and advanced singers can benefit from vocal lessons. What most people don’t know is that proper technique is much more important than natural singing voices. Singorama is a program designed by professional singer Melanie Alexander to teach beginners and advanced students proper techniques.

Through proper techniques, you’ll be able to hit your entire range of notes with power and clarity. The method can also increase your natural vocal range, making you a more versatile singer overall.

This system contains 28 audio vocal modules designed to teach how to maximize your voice. Through Singorama, you can learn all the foundations of vocal training, such as solfege, bridged vocalization, ear training, proper posture, and breathing techniques.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a comprehensive online vocal course that correctly teaches you the basics, Singorama might be the right pick for you.

Best vocal coach for voice development

Vocal Webinar Online Singing Lessons

80 %

Vocal Webinar Online Singing Lessons

Through well-made bi-weekly webinars, this class can help you make adjustments to improve your singing. Students looking for a well-trained vocal coach to guide them are ideal pupils for Vocal Webinar.

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  • Value for money:

One-on-one classes are arguably the best way to develop vocal techniques. However, these lessons can be fairly expensive. If you’ve been on the hunt for a vocal coach who can guide you through the basics of singing like a pro, Vocal Webinar might just be the right class for you.

The key feature of Vocal Webinar is the online classes that happen twice a week. You can learn different tricks, practices, and exercises designed to enhance your natural vocal ability during these classes. The course also features tips on how to get a manager, blow judges away at competitions, or just maximize the full potential of your voice.

This class doesn’t tackle some of the more technical aspects of singing. So, if you’re looking to learn solfege and other classical singing techniques, this class isn’t the one for you. But if you plan on joining a talent show anytime soon and want to wow the judges with your technique, Vocal Webinar is just the right pick for you.

Best methods for pitch ear training

Pure Pitch Method Online Singing Lessons

90 %

Pure Pitch Method Online Singing Lessons

Students looking to be modern singers who can jam to any tune and sing any song benefit from the Pure Pitch Method. You’ll become a much more flexible and reliable singer by training your ear to recognize notes and keys instantly.

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Pitch recognition is an essential skill for any musician. Whether you’re a pianist, guitarist, singer, percussionist, or cellist, being able to recognize the pitch of a note is crucial. Ear training is a tough practice and is a tough task to take on alone. With Pure Pitch Method, students get the opportunity to train their ear as a singer.

Being able to recognize a pitch instantly is a key skill for any singer. When singing, if you recognize that a pitch is off or not in key, you can immediately make adjustments and hit just the right note. Pitch recognition is why musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, and even Mariah Carey have been able to go very far in music despite not being able to read sheet music.

This class skips over some technical aspects like note reading, solfege, and other techniques. However, it teaches you improvisation, ear training, and other more practical strategies with more real-world applications.

What to look for in good online singing lessons & methods

Every single day there are tons of different online singing classes and courses that pop up on the internet. Being spoiled by options is usually a good thing, but in this case, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices.

To make it easier for you to narrow down your options, consider these factors before selecting an online singing class;


One of the first things to consider is the price you’re willing to pay for the lessons. Better lessons will generally cost you more money, but there are tons of great budget-friendly options online as well!

By knowing the price you’re willing to spend front the get-go, it will be much easier to narrow your options down. Prices can go as low as $10 and reach highs of up to $500. So, before you head out and look for online singing lessons, make sure to know your price range.

Course length

Students can finish some of the online singing lessons on the internet in a matter of weeks. On the flip side, many classes can take months or even years to complete! Short singing lessons are more convenient, while longer courses will cover a wider range of topics and techniques.

The proper course length for you all depends on your lifestyle. If you’re willing and dedicated to putting in a couple of hours of practice per day to become a professional-level singer, then the long courses might benefit you the most.

However, if all you need are casual vocal lessons that will turn you into a karaoke star, then short courses are the best option. Short courses are also less demanding, making them the ideal pick for casual vocal students.

Learning materials & content

Another major thing to consider when looking for online music lessons is the learning materials that will be provided. There are some courses that will offer e-books and audio files that students can go through to learn techniques. Other online singing lessons involve video lessons where vocal coaches guide you through different techniques and train you to hit notes properly.

Each individual has a different learning style. Some people prefer learning through books and audio files, while others benefit from video lessons to see exactly how vocalists pull off specific techniques.

Before availing of online singing lessons, make sure that you understand which teaching techniques work for you and which don’t. That way, you can easily find online singing lessons that will actually work for you!


Are online singing lessons worth it?

If you’re really dedicated to learning proper vocal techniques to hit those high notes, online singing lessons are an excellent option for you. While they will cost some money, online lessons are much less expensive and demanding than in-person classes.

For the right people, online singing lessons can be a great way to improve and enhance vocal chops.

Is singing a natural talent?

Some people are born with natural singing voices. However, most professionals agree that singing is a learned skill more than raw talent. While a natural singing voice allows you to pick up the craft easier, it still requires hours and hours of practice to be able to sing professionally.

So, if you think you don’t have any natural singing talent, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to sing. In fact, try out just a couple of weeks of music lessons and you’ll find that you can sing much better than before you started learning!

Can I teach myself to sing?

One great thing about singing is that it is a craft you can learn on your own. While having a teacher will definitely make the learning process much faster, you can develop proper vocal technique through self-study.

Since it is conducive to self-study techniques, availing of online singing lessons is a great idea. Through proper online singing lessons, you get access to tons of helpful information that you can use when practicing how to sing. These techniques are designed to help you sing much better.

Final verdict

A common saying of vocal coaches is, “saying you don’t know how to sing is like saying you don’t know how to swim”. You don’t have to be born with a magnificent voice to become a good singer.

Through proper vocal and singing lessons, students can discover the full potential of their natural voice. Most people just don’t know the capabilities of their voice because they lack the training and opportunities.

Anyone can learn how to sing. And in this day and age, one of the most convenient ways to enhance vocal chops is by enrolling in online singing lessons!

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