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Top 2 Best Online Ukulele Lessons & Methods in 2022

Can’t seem to get the chords right on your favorite songs? Then it might be time to enroll in online ukulele lessons. In this list of the best ukulele lessons & methods in 2021, we check out the best options for beginners and advanced players alike!

The best online ukulele lessons & methods

Tired of not hearing what you want out of your ukulele? Have you been looking to play your favorite songs and hear people clap and cheer but can’t seem to play the notes and chords right on your ukulele?

If so, then it’s about time to enroll yourself in online ukulele lessons. The ukulele is an instrument that consistently captivates audiences. With its soothing timbre and character, the ukulele is the perfect accompanying instrument for many singers.

One of the most significant advantages of learning the ukulele is that it is simpler than many other instruments. With only four strings and a similar tuning to a guitar, many students find fingering chords, plucking arpeggios, and playing melodies much easier on the ukulele than other stringed instruments.

However, while the ukulele is considered a relatively easy instrument to learn, finding the right online lessons can be challenging. There are many different variables to consider, which can leave many students confused and overwhelmed.

To progress quickly and learn how to play the instrument properly, students need to find suitable online ukulele lessons. Good lessons can be the main difference-maker when learning a musical instrument, and this rings especially true with the ukulele.

Best methods for beginners & all other levels

Rocket Ukulele Online Ukulele Lessons

90 %

Rocket Ukulele Online Ukulele Lessons

Beginners looking to learn the ukulele quickly will benefit the most from Rocket Ukulele. Students will find it incredibly easy to play some of their favorite songs with its modern approach to teaching music!

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Rocket ukulele offers a modern method of learning the ukulele. The website claims that beginners can learn how to play the instrument in a matter of just 30 days! Since the ukulele is a relatively simple instrument, this is possible, especially when paired with regular practice.

The program is a 30-day video series that comes with ukulele exercises to familiarize students with instruments. The course begins with teaching students slow and simple songs they can use to learn the basics. From there, the pieces will slowly get more complicated as students get better at the techniques.

Rocket Ukulele offers a quick and easy way for students to learn how to play the ukulele. In just a couple of weeks, students will be able to play many different songs and even learn some of their favorite jams by themselves!

Best teacher & best variety of genres

Ukulele Buddy Online Ukulele Lessons

90 %

Ukulele Buddy Online Ukulele Lessons

Students who want to become casual ukulele players who can play a wide variety of songs will enjoy Ukulele Buddy. The course features a simple and easy way to learn the ukulele loved by musicians all over.

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Ukulele Buddy is one of the top courses for students looking to play a wide variety of songs. The course uses teaching methods conducive to learning that involve easy-to-understand videos that contain all you need to know about playing your favorite songs.

If you’re looking to learn the technical aspects of playing the ukulele, this isn’t the course for you. Instead of focusing hard on all the complicated technical aspects of playing, Ukulele Buddy teaches you basic techniques and songs that you can use to play tons of different types of music.

The lessons are presented in quick videos. But while the videos are short, they are packed with helpful information. The course also includes simple ukulele tabs that are easier to understand than complicated sheet music.

What to look for in good online ukulele lessons

Many potential ukulele students have a hard time deciding on the right lessons for them. There are tons of different courses and lessons offered on the internet, making it difficult to narrow down your options.

To make the search for the best online ukulele lessons for you easier, we’ve listed down crucial factors to consider.


One of the easiest ways to narrow down your options is by shopping in a specific price range. Before you head to the internet and search for the best ukulele lessons, ask yourself, “how much am I willing to pay for quality lessons?”. By doing this, you will instantly weed out the options that aren’t in your price range.

Online ukulele lessons vary when it comes to price. You don’t need to spend money on the most expensive ukulele lessons to find an efficient and effective way of learning to play the instrument. However, like with just about any product or service, you pay a premium price for premium services.

Luckily, there are many great budget options, and some websites even offer lessons for free! If you want to try out the classes before paying for them, some websites offer free trials, so beginners get a clearer picture of what they pay for.

Teaching style

There is no one “right” way to learn the ukulele. Everyone learns at a different pace and flourishes in different teaching techniques. There are many different styles used to teach students to play the ukulele. Some focus on the technical aspects and theory to teach students, while others rely on teaching songs very early.

Each teaching style has its benefits. Before deciding which methods are best for you, it’s ideal to understand what you want to learn on the ukulele. Finding online ukulele lessons with a teaching style that fits you can make it much easier to accomplish your goals and play your favorite songs!

Another thing to consider, along with the teaching style, is the learning materials. Online ukulele lessons usually provide either e-books, audio files, or instructional videos to help students pick up the concepts. Ideally, you would opt for an online ukulele method that offers a combination of these three materials, making it easier to review and practice by yourself.


On top of everything we mentioned above, understanding your goals is one of the best ways to find the right online lessons for you. Before you head to the internet, ask yourself what you want to play on the instrument. And from there, finding a course that suits your needs will be much easier.

If you plan to become a master of the ukulele, you have to make sure you know the basics. So, if this is your goal, make sure to find online lessons that tackle the technical and theoretical aspects of the ukulele, as these will be very important later on.

If you want to learn to play different songs on the ukulele and sing-along, try to find lessons that teach you songs from many different genres. Learning a variety of songs on the ukulele makes you a more versatile way, and it can also be an enjoyable way to pick up a new skill!

Every student has different goals when it comes to learning an instrument. Some people aim to be casual players who can play a jam or two, while others strive to be professional musicians knowledgeable in the field. Regardless of your goals, knowing your goals makes it much easier for students to find the right online ukulele lessons and courses for them!


Can I learn to play the ukulele online?

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find quality online ukulele lessons. There are professional musicians and academic sites all over the internet ready to help students learn basic and advanced ukulele concepts.

What is the best way to learn the ukulele?

Most experts recommend one-on-one classes as the best way to learn the ukulele. However, more and more people are starting to take to the internet to learn new skills. And every single day, online ukulele lessons are becoming more refined, making them a great alternative to one-on-one classes.

But regardless of how people learn to play the instrument, getting good at the ukulele requires regular practice. So, whether you’re going to one-on-one classes or availed of online lessons, make sure to put in regular practice to ensure that you hone your skills and get better.

Can the ukulele be self-taught?

Yes, since the ukulele is a simple instrument, it is relatively easy for students to learn how to play it by themselves. However, to learn an instrument by yourself, students need to put in a lot of effort in researching different techniques and topics that can improve their playing.

Final verdict

The ukulele is a beautiful instrument with a signature sound that is unmistakable. The ukulele is also one of the easier instruments for beginners to learn. And with the internet, learning how to play the ukulele has never been easier.

The internet makes it easy for anyone to access information. Learning new skills online is one of the most convenient options for many people in this day and age. So, if you’ve been trying to learn how to play the ukulele, make sure to check out the online ukulele lessons and methods available for you.

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