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Top 2 Best Online Volleyball Lessons & Methods in 2022

Planning on hitting the volleyball courts soon? If so, you’re going to need volleyball lessons. In this list of the top 2 best online volleyball lessons & methods in 2022, we’ve selected the absolute best options out there that will have you spiking away in no time!

The best online volleyball lessons & methods

“Killer spike!”

If you’ve ever heard this compliment during a volleyball game and you want people to be throwing it your way, then it might be time for online volleyball lessons. In this day and age, opting for online volleyball lessons could be a much more convenient and effective method compared to signing up for one-on-one classes.

If you head online, you will find a wide array of different volleyball methods and lessons that are all available on the internet. Having all these options can be great as it makes it much easier for you to choose methods that fit your needs and preferences as a volleyball player. However, all these options can also be a double-edged sword. If you aren’t sure what to look for, you can actually have a hard time finding lessons, or even worse, you could choose an option that doesn’t suit your needs.

When searching for volleyball lessons, there are many things you need to take into account. Good volleyball lessons allow you to hone your skills and get better on the court faster than normal, which is why it’s a great option for most players. And to make the search easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best online volleyball methods and lessons in 2022.

We chose these options based on effectiveness, ease of use, price, and more to ensure that we only featured the best of the best. On top of that, we’ve even included a quick buying guide that can further help you narrow down your options when hunting for good online volleyball lessons!

Best methods for strength

Strength & Power For Volleyball Online Volleyball Lessons

90 %

Strength & Power For Volleyball Online Volleyball Lessons

Any volleyball player looking to improve their strength and conditioning for the court would enjoy these lessons. This comprehensive course and training plan teaches you how to strengthen your own body and improve your skills over a 12-week time period.

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One of the most important qualities that every volleyball player needs is strength. When spiking the ball, receiving, and setting, it’s important to have a strong body that can take the impact. Strong players are very important on the volleyball court as they can affect the game on both the offensive and defensive ends. And if you’re looking to improve your strength when it comes to volleyball, this website could be just what you need.

This method is a 12-week course designed to improve your strength and conditioning. So, the downside to this is that it takes a fairly long time to complete. If you’re looking to get better at volleyball fast, this might not be the right method for you. However, if you have the time and are willing to put in the effort to develop your strength, then this is a great comprehensive training program specifically designed for volleyball players.

Through these methods, you develop muscular strength that’s very important for volleyball. So, you get to strengthen your legs for jumping, your core for stability, and even your arms so you can hit the ball with more force and power.

These methods were created by an experienced volleyball coach who has coached multiple players and helped them excel in the sport. It involves many different techniques and exercises designed to hone a person’s strength. After the course, you’ll be able to jump higher, hit harder, and even move faster on the court, which ares all invaluable skills for any and all volleyball players!

Best methods for better jumping

Plyomaster Online Volleyball Lessons

95 %

Plyomaster Online Volleyball Lessons

This course is ideal for anyone looking to start jumping higher. Through comprehensive and intense plyometric exercises, you will develop different muscle groups to enhance your vertical and start spiking the ball over your opponents with ease!

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Jumping is a very valuable skill for any person on the volleyball court. When you jump higher, it’s easier to defend spikes and spike the ball in your own court to score points. And to develop your legs and start jumping higher, it’s important to incorporate plyometric exercises into your workout plan. With Plyomaster, all the plyometric exercises you need for jumping higher are covered, giving you a completely comprehensive course that brings in results!

The biggest advantage of choosing Plyomaster is that it comes with multiple teaching methods. On top of the high-quality and detailed video tutorials, you gain access to printable workout plans, a workout tracking guide, and even descriptions of the workouts!

This method doesn’t require too much equipment. And while you don’t need a home gym, it might be beneficial to have some dumbbells and medicine balls to enhance the workouts further. The workouts target all aspects of the body, because jumping requires multiple muscle groups to seamlessly cooperate with each other.

When you finish this course, you will notice that you can jump much higher than before. In fact, this course covers so many exercises and workouts, that you will start feeling the difference even before it’s completed. It even comes with a free demo, so you can get a feel of the methods before signing up for them yourself!

What to look for in good online volleyball lessons

When you search the internet for online volleyball lessons, chances are that you’ll be bombarded with many different options. To make it easier for you to narrow down the choices, here’s a quick list of some things to consider when searching for online volleyball lessons.


The first thing to consider when searching for volleyball lessons is your own personal goals. If you’re aiming to qualify for a varsity team, then the program will be much different from if you take lessons to learn the basics. Before you start checking out the different options, it’s very important to start considering your goals early on. That way, you can easily block out options that aren’t designed for your own personal goals.

Skill level

Another thing to consider is your skill level. If you’re a novice player who’s familiar with the basics, then you won’t need a beginner’s class. However, if you’ve never been on a volleyball court before, then you will need a class that tackles the basic techniques and rules of the game. It’s always best to choose lessons that are fit for your skill levels to make it easier for you to pick up the concepts.


Like any sport, volleyball requires a lot of time and patience to learn. So, it’s important to consider your own schedule before signing up for lessons. Some methods out there only require a couple of hours a week for training, while there are others that require you to dedicate several hours a day. When searching for volleyball lessons, it’s always best to opt for classes that fit your own personal schedule and don’t dig into the time you allocated for other important things.


Most people don’t have a dedicated volleyball court in their homes, so most lessons are designed for minimal equipment. However, some methods might require you to have other pieces of equipment such as weights, exercise balls, and a certain amount of space. Make sure to choose lessons that don’t require you to buy too much extra equipment so that you can start training right away.

Learning materials

Different online volleyball courses and methods teach you concepts in different ways. Some might provide video tutorials and one-on-one sessions, while others simply provide you with a book that you can read on your own time. When searching for volleyball lessons, choose options that teach you the concepts in ways that agree with your learning style. Try and figure out which learning methods you respond to best, and choose courses that offer those types of methods.


Can I learn volleyball online?

There is no substitute for personalized one-on-one courses. If you have the option of learning through a private coach, that would be the best way to hone your skills. However, for more flexibility, you might want to check out online volleyball courses. While these methods don’t provide the same personal touch that you might have with private classes, they can be much more convenient for most people out there with busy schedules.

Is volleyball hard?

Just like any other sport, volleyball requires skill. And to develop these skills, you need to put in the effort. Some people might find it easier to learn the concepts and develop the skills, while others might need to put in a bit more effort. However, always remember that it isn’t easy to learn a sport and the best way to improve your skills is to dedicate yourself to training regularly and learning the ins and outs of the sport.

Do I need to be tall for volleyball?

Tall people have a significant advantage when playing volleyball, but this isn’t a requirement. If you aren’t as tall as other volleyball players, you can make up for it with speed, agility, strength, and attitude. On top of that, there are other positions in volleyball such as the libero that do not require you to be tall. In fact, shorter people are better candidates for the libero position, especially in competitive volleyball.

Final verdict

Volleyball is a tough but very fun sport. You get to develop a bunch of different skills while also having a great time with your teammates! But just like any sport, you need to put in the time and effort to get better and hone your skills.

The best way to learn volleyball is through one-on-one coaching. However, not everyone has access to that, and the best alternative is online volleyball lessons and methods. We made sure to include only the best online volleyball lessons and methods on the internet to make it easier for you to find just the right option for you.

And if you think you found a class that will suit your needs and goals just right on our list, then there’s only one thing left to do. Once you found the right lessons, simply sign up and start training, and before you know it you’ll be the standout player at your local volleyball court!

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