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Top 5 Best Pumping Bras for Spectra in 2022

Tired of the regular unsuitable bras for spectra? No worries, we have selected the best pumping bras for spectra to suit your pumping needs.

The best pumping bras for spectra

Finding pumping inconvenient again?

As a nursing mom with the rising need to pump and breastfeed, you need a bra to make pumping very comfortable.

Pumping bras come in a special design unlike the regular bras to perfectly suit you.

A convenient bra will make pumping as easy as can be especially when using a breast pump.

One of the most popular breast pumps is spectra. It is becoming well known in the market but it has abnormal flanges.

If you frequently use a regular nursing bra, you’ll observe that the unique, one-piece Spectra flange and bottle connector would not fit through the hole.

This means that most of the pumping and nursing bras don’t work with it because they are not compatible with the pumps. You must disconnect the bottles after every pumping session, before undoing the bra.

A lot of mothers quickly discovered that too much milk is spilled in the process and no one would be comfortable with some extra cleaning up.

Using this method can be tiring because a lot of spills will happen during this process.

Terrible right? And to even think of the mess you have to clean up after every time you pump.

We’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to let go of your spectra breast pump.

You need to be guaranteed that you are buying the perfect pumping bras for your Spectra pumps.

Choosing the best and ideal pumping bra might be a tedious task for you. The good news is that we have carefully compiled a list of some of the best pumping bras for spectra.

Best overall

Simple Wishes Signature Pumping Bra

90 %

Simple Wishes Signature Pumping Bra

This bra is the best overall. The bra holds the flanges tightly so there’s no leaking. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

  • Features:
  • Durability:
  • Comfort:
  • Value for money:

Do you enjoy comfort when you pump and couldn’t wish for anything less? Then, this pumping bra is for you.

This bra is a hands-free breast pump bra that is perfectly designed to provide you with maximum comfort.

You can have all the freedom you need to work or relax while pumping. Say goodbye to back pain and the frustration that comes with holding the flanges while you pump.

Pumping is made easy with this bra as it is very easy to take off. It holds the pump flanges in place not only during pumping but also afterward when you are storing the milk and taking the pieces apart.

It comes with a very convenient 11″ Velcro back panel which is fully adjustable to about any size.

You can be sure that it perfectly fits your body even as you go through natural postpartum changes during nursing and pumping.

It is pretty easy to throw in your pump bag and put on and off quickly for pumping,

The zipper used to secure it is much easier than a clasp and even more convenient than a pull-on model. You can also add a zip extender if you don’t have large breasts. It still feels pretty good even without attaching the straps.

The bra also washes well. You can wash in your washing machine. Enjoy no mess as it has a reliable and specially designed breast shield and flanges.

Sadly, it is pretty difficult to use especially if you need to do breast compressions because you can’t really get your hands in very well, and doing it on the outside of the bra is not as very effective.

Although it is expensive, it is worth the price.

Best strapless

Pump Strap Handsfree Strapless Pumping Bra

80 %

Pump Strap Handsfree Strapless Pumping Bra

When it comes to strapless pump bras, this is such a great fit as it stretches out the more you use it, but a simple adjustment of the Velcro is all it takes to refit.

  • Features:
  • Durability:
  • Comfort:
  • Value for money:

Have you always been a fan of strapless bras? Well, that should not change simply because you have become a nursing mother.

This Hands free strapless pumping bra is specially designed for you to meet your pumping needs.

It is such a great fit as it stretches out the more you use it, but a simple adjustment of the Velcro is all it takes to refit.

It feels very comfortable when you use it and is very suitable for all breast sizes because of its adjustability.

It is machine washable but you have to keep the Velcro covered or wash it in a lingerie bag to keep the Velcro from attaching to any of your lace outfits or underwear.

It is very easy to wear and remove. It feels very comfortable and looks way better.

It works well and basically applies the pressure for pumping that a normal bra. You can free up your hands for the majority of any pumping session to do other things.

It is designed with a very soft material that feels nice on the skin. The exterior has a slight moisture barrier to prevent any leaks from soaking right in.

It holds the breast so firmly in place better than many other pump bras.

You can keep up with your morning routine, bending down and moving around freely without having the flanges reposition.

The downside of this bra is the noise that comes with it when trying to take it off. You may have to go to another room to take it off just so that you do not awaken the sleeping baby with such a scary sound.

It also does begin to crease under after several uses, so make sure that the underside of the strap is not tucked under the flange or you will be pumping directly onto your shirt.

Best hand-free

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Hands-Free Pumping Bra

75 %

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Bravado Hands-free bra gives you the freedom and makes it easier to do other things while pumping. It is highly recommended if you value being able to do anything else with your hands while pumping.

  • Features:
  • Durability:
  • Comfort:
  • Value for money:

Can’t wait to get your hands off and get busy with other things? Hurray! This Bravado design holds the pump hands-free.

Bravado designs provide ultimate comfort as it is designed with a soft and breathable fabric blend.

It equally has a stretchy bottom band with a hook and eye closure which makes it very easy to put on, use, and take off.

It has the magic to transform any nursing bra into a pumping bra by attaching clip and pump directly to the nursing clips, for hands-free pumping.

You can also pump discreetly without taking your shirt off. You don’t have to worry about spilling.

This bra gives you the ability to multitask, is convenient and saves your precious time. You can wash in your washing machine.

It is designed with openings for easy bottle insertion and keeps your bottles upright. It is also compatible with all breast pumps. It stays in place and does not snap-in. It is such a great fit.

It holds the breast shields perfectly in place but it can get slightly uncomfortable. Too bad it is not one size fits all but there is a size chart to choose from.

As good as it can be, it is not durable. The bra has a seam that runs from the elastic band that goes around your rib cage up to the hole for the flanges of the pump.

After using it for some time, it is prone to tearing along this seam. The tear might weaken the bra’s elasticity and affect the suction of your pump.

Best premium

Kindred Bravely Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra

75 %

Kindred Bravely Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra

This pumping bra is designed to be worn all day. The stretchy material and fully adjustable straps allow for a comfortable fit all day and night.

  • Features:
  • Durability:
  • Comfort:
  • Value for money:

Sublime hands-free pumping bra comes in an ultra-soft fabric for amazing comfort on the mom and baby’s skin.

It comes with a hook and eye closure and simplifies your routine as you can get other things done while you pump.

It is designed with two clips, one for the pumping layer and one for the nursing layer.

The thin layer of removable padding creates a smooth look and comfortably fits under work or gym clothes.

It is compatible with all breast pumps. You never have to worry about spilled milk again.

The thickness and coverage are fantastic but the straps can itch your shoulder and back because the part that loops shut touches your skin and it is not very smooth.

The inner layer that is designed to hold the pump in place is very thin and is not strong enough to hold the pump flanges in place.

If you pump large volumes that make the jars heavy, there’s hardly anything holding them up and can cause a spill.

Also, the holes are too far to the outside and not centered.

The bra also has removable pads in the outer shell that get folded every time you move it out of the way to pump and need to be straightened.

You will also need to use the size chart to determine which fits perfectly.

You can make use of its bra extender and the pump attachment feature as an added convenience.

Best affordable

Momcozy Hands Free Pumping Bra

80 %

Momcozy Hands Free Pumping Bra

It is very affordable compared to the other pumping bras you can find. This bra lets you pump while breastfeeding, saving so much time. You can pump and still have both hands free to cuddle with a breastfeeding baby.

  • Features:
  • Durability:
  • Comfort:
  • Value for money:

Are you a working mum? You don’t have to find pumping inconvenient. This pumping bra is a perfect choice for working moms.

The ‘X’ Structure and Adjustable Shoulder Straps design hold the bottle. and shield in place comfortably and securely.

The adjustable shoulder straps provide more adjustment. You can also cross the back straps. The detachable clip makes it easy to drop cups for convenient feeding and completely protects your privacy.

You can wear it all day long and allow you to go about your normal routine.

It fits all breast pumps. You can also adjust the straps to be racer back or normal. It doubles as a nursing and a pumping bra.

This bra is really comfortable, super convenient, and soft and you don’t need to take your nursing bra off.

You can wear any top as the bra is convenient for wearing under the clothes.

You cannot conveniently pop your breast out of the slits where you’d put your pump to nurse, you have to undo the strap.

However, I don’t think it’s that much easier than just taking my regular bra off and putting on the strapless.

The holes for the breast shields are similar to those on the Simple Wishes bra but admittedly a bit more challenging to stretch and get in there.

Overall, this pumping bra is very useful compared to its price.

What to look for in a good pumping bra for spectra

Pumping bras make it easier, faster, and convenient to pump even while using spectra. Pumping bras should fit and hold the breast shields securely and give you the freedom to do other things with your hands. It should make you feel more productive.

A good pumping bra should have slits so that you can fit the one-piece flange in the bra. It must be affordable and should allow you to quickly start pumping.

When selecting a good pumping bra, you must make sure your pumping bra meet each of the following criteria;


No one buys any product with the intention of replacing it days or weeks after. A good pumping bra must be durable. It must last long enough to accommodate your postpartum period and beyond.

A pumping bra should firmly hold the breast shields, bottles, and the pump equipment so it doesn’t feel loose. It must continue to perform this purpose even after a couple of months.

You should be able to move about without causing the bottle to spill or the shields to slip.

A good pumping bra is usually made with materials that keep the breast shield close to the body but are still soft enough to give comfort. It must not slack over time.


A pumping bra should be accommodating to all body sizes and breast shapes. As a nursing mom, your breast size may change as you make progress in the breastfeeding stage.

A good pumping bra allows you to make a simple adjustment to fit your bust and ensures the cup fits well enough.

A good pumping bra would also allow you to adjust the straps.  A good pumping bra allows you to customize exactly where the breast shields will sit on your body as the breast size and structure vary in different women.

You do not have to constantly shift or squeeze your breasts in place.


Wearing a bra may cause some kind of discomfort which is pretty understandable but with a good pumping bra, comfort should be of priority.

A good pumping bra should be made of soft materials that provide comfort for your breasts. It should be very easy and convenient to put on and take off with no complicated straps or difficult-to-reach hooks.

A good pumping bra should be designed in such a way that the pump equipment can be easy to insert and remove without risking any milk spillage.

It should be extremely comfortable to wear all day long and must have a moisture-wicking liner material that prevents wetness on your skin in the form of sweat or fluid.


The price of a pumping bra should also be put into consideration when purchasing one.

Oftentimes the very cheap one may not be as durable or provide as much comfort as the expensive ones but it is however very important to consider the features available for the price and decide if it is worth the buy.

Lastly, you should know that there is a pumping bra for every budget. So, be sure to get the best price for the pumping bra you intend to purchase.


What pump bra can work well with spectra?

Not too many brands work well with the spectra S1 and S2. However the best ones that work well are; Bravado Designs Clip & pump accessory, Kindred Bravely Sublime, Simple Wishes Supermom, and Simple Wishes Hands-Free Pumping Bra.

What is the difference between a nursing bra and a pumping bra?

A nursing bra has drop-down cups that are designed to ensure that moms have quick breastfeeding access, while the pumping bra is designed with special openings in cups so you could quickly fit the breast pump shields through them without having to completely or partially take off the bra.

Can a pumping bra have both features of a nursing and pumping bra?

Yes. Most definitely. There are 2 in 1 nursing and pumping bras that are designed to have both features. There is a clip-down cup and an opening for flanges that makes breastfeeding and pumping much easier.

Final verdict

Pumping bras are essential items for nursing moms. There are several pumping bras out there in the market but the ones suitable for spectra are unique.

They provide maximum comfort and are made of materials that hold the bottles and pump materials in place to enable moms to pump freely while getting themselves involved in other things.

When pumping a pumping bra for spectra, make sure that the pumping bra you choose provides comfort, durability and can be adjusted. These main features are important guides to help you select the best pumping bra for spectra.

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