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Top 2 Best Time Management Methods in 2022

Looking for ways to go about your day more efficiently? Then you might need a proper time management method. In this review, we’ve compiled the top 2 best time management methods in 2021 based on effectiveness, ease of use, price, and more!

The best time management methods

“Argh! How did I not get anything done today?”

Have you ever found yourself exclaiming this at the end of a tiring day that seemed to fly by? Or are you having a hard time accomplishing the tasks you set out for the day? If so, then you might need to improve your time management skills.

As the saying goes, it isn’t about how much time you have, it’s what you do with the time you were given. And in this day and age, efficiency is of the utmost importance. As humans, we’re constantly trying to find ways to properly schedule our day to make sure we get all our tasks done as properly and efficiently as possible.

And to do that, you need the right time management method. For thousands of years, we have been finding different ways to schedule our day and make the most of our time. With the advancement of the internet, people can now find a bunch of different time management methods online with the simple click of a button.

But how do you distinguish the effective methods from the scams? That’s where we come in.

In this comprehensive review of the top 2 best time management methods in 2022, we’ve chosen our favorite options available on the internet. We did the research to ensure that we chose the most effective options out there to make it easier for you to find time management methods that actually work.

We chose our options based on their effectiveness, ease of use, price, and many more, making sure that you get a crystal clear image of all the benefits and perks of using either of these methods.

Best methods for stopping procrastination

Find Your Focus Time Management Method

95 %

Find Your Focus Time Management Method

If you find yourself distracting yourself on your phone more often than you work throughout the day, this is a great method for you. Find Your Focus is a method designed to trick our brains into getting work done without any resistance!

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Most of us struggle with procrastination. And with a large chunk of the population working from home, it’s easy to get distracted from work. If you want to reduce the number of times you get distracted throughout the day, Find Your Focus is a great method that teaches you how to stop procrastinating.

In this day and age, it’s very easy for us to get distracted. Since we have an immeasurable amount of information available to us through the internet, it’s common for people to go down a Google or YouTube rabbit hole in the middle of their workday. Procrastination is highly likely in smart and intelligent people, which can be incredibly frustrating as there are many more productive ways we can make use of our time.

This method was designed by an intelligent procrastinator who felt that they weren’t reaching their full potential. So, he developed a very intuitive method that you can use to eliminate the need to procrastinate. This course is designed to trick your brain into getting things done without resistance. Many customers have said that the method makes it feel like their brain is on autopilot, allowing them to get things done faster and more efficiently. That way, you have more time throughout the day to spend on yourself, with your friends, or with your family.

The downside to this method is that it’s fairly expensive. However, the price is well worth it since it helps you tackle the key reasons you find yourself procrastinating throughout the day. With this method, you can eliminate procrastination without the need for complex timers, schedules, and calendars!

Best methods for becoming more productive

Stop Procrastinating Time Management Method

95 %

Stop Procrastinating Time Management Method

Anyone looking to start living a more productive life will benefit greatly from this method. Stop Procrastinating gets down to the deep reasons people procrastinate, how to change your mindset, and how to plan out productive and efficient days all the time!

  • Effectiveness:
  • Features:
  • Ease of use:
  • Value for money:

Productivity and efficiency are top priorities for workplaces nowadays, and while most of us are capable of performing efficiently and consistently, procrastination can get in the way a lot of the time. This course, aptly named Stop Procrastinating can teach you to go throughout your day without distractions in as little as 21 days!

If you need to stop procrastinating fast, this is a great choice for you. This method tackles the main reasons you find yourself procrastinating throughout the day, the ways to eliminate the bad habit, and even teaches you how to stop and counter negative thoughts to put you in a better mindset!

This method is a very comprehensive set of information and tools that you can use to start living more efficiently and more productively. The set contains a day-by-day breakdown of how you can start eliminating procrastination habits.

The course begins by teaching you what exactly procrastination is, what causes it, and the different ways people can procrastinate. Since this course tackles the real reason people procrastinate, it can also teach you how to eliminate procrastination at the source. Through this method, you can change the way you think about work and start living a more productive life overall!

What to look for in a good time management method

When choosing between the different time management methods, it’s always important to choose the one that works for you. There is no method out there that is objectively better than the rest. Since people have different goals, preferences, and needs, it’s impossible to choose one option that beats out the rest.

There may be some methods that work for you that won’t work for others and vice versa, which is why it’s always important to select the methods that are suited for your needs and goals. Before you start considering the different options, always ask yourself what you need, that way it will be easier to make a choice moving forward.

Remember, the best time management method is the one that works for you. But on top of that, here are some other things you might want to consider when looking at the different options available for you;

Personal goals

As we stressed earlier, it’s always important for the method to line up with your goals. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish with the time you have? Are you looking to fit in more tasks in your schedule, or are you looking to accomplish tasks faster so you have more time to yourself at the end of the day? These are all key factors in deciding which time management method will work the best for you.

When looking at any learning methods on the internet, whether if it’s for time management or something else, it’s always important to list down your own personal goals first. That way, you know which methods are designed for you and which ones aren’t, making it much easier to choose the right one down the line.

The method itself

As you can probably tell, there are tons of different time management methods out there. Aside from the ones on the internet, there are methods taught by life coaches, friends, and even co-workers. Now, no method is one-size-fits-all and will work for all types of people. After you’ve made a comprehensive list of your own personal goals, the next step is to analyze the different methods available and check out which one works for you.

There are many methods you can learn about on the internet such as the Pomodoro Technique, Eisenhower Matrix, and the Parkinson’s Law. All of these techniques are designed for different people who have different goals, so it’s important to have knowledge of the different methods and who they are for before checking out your options.


If you’re still having trouble figuring out the right method for you, then you might want to set a definite price range to follow. There are some methods out there that you can learn for free, but the premium options that require payment offer a wider range of benefits and features that make them worth the price.

You can find methods for as low as $10 and others that can reach prices in the hundreds. The amount you should be spending on your time management method is entirely up to you since you can gauge how much you can afford to spend on it without spending too much money.

Learning materials

Lastly, it’s also very important to distinguish how these methods are going to be taught. Most time management methods online teach you how to manage your time through a comprehensive book or e-book. This is a great way for most people to learn, but there are some people who respond better to different learning materials.

If you consider yourself more of a visual learner, then you might benefit from tutorial videos. If you respond better to aural stimuli, then you might be better off learning through audiobooks or podcasts. Either way, you are the one who knows which learning techniques work best for you, and that’s the best way to gauge which methods to buy.


What time management method is most effective?

Different techniques have different effects on certain individuals. So, while there is no one technique that you can call the “most effective”, almost all time management techniques start with the same practice: planning. Regardless of what method you use, the best way to start is by properly planning out your day, week, or month, for more effective time management. Planning works especially well for procrastinators as it helps them set definite priorities and schedules to follow.

What are the aspects of time management?

The key aspects of time management are planning and organization. Before anything, you need to set a definite plan that you will follow throughout the day. This can include scheduling specific tasks, listing down what you need to accomplish, among other things. On top of that, it’s very important to organize these tasks for more efficiency. You can organize tasks in whatever way you find fit, whether that’s sorting them by importance, difficulty, or the time it takes to accomplish them.

What tools can I use to manage my time better?

The best tools you can use for time management are calendars, clocks, and time trackers. These tools help remind you of your schedule and what you need to be doing at a specific time. The tools also help you keep your priorities straight and organized, reducing the risk of procrastinating and distracting yourself from the task or tasks at hand.

Final verdict

When writing this list, we made sure to pay very close attention to the details. We are dedicated to providing you with clear, honest, and accurate reviews that truly reflect the different time management methods available today.

Everyone has different needs and requires different methods for time management. When choosing between different methods, it’s always important to take your own goals and preferences into account. That way, you can truly find a method that fits and works for you.

We made sure to only feature the best of the best on this list, to make it easier to find effective methods that are actually worth your time. If you think you found the right time management methods for you on our list, then all that’s left to do is sign up and start working on your own productivity!

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