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BESTKEE Lightsaber Umbrella Review: Best for Night Use

The umbrella doubles up as a lightsaber and flashlight. As such, if walking in the wee hour of the night you can use it to light up your path.

BESTKEE Lightsaber umbrella

BESTKEE Lightsaber umbrella

Its LED-colored lighting is an obvious eye-catcher. Also, using it as a flashlight makes it a handy accessory when caught up in a storm at night.

  • Brand: BESTKEE
  • Asin: B01DNQZMGY
  • Pattern: Solid


With an umbrella that functions as a flashlight, you know you are safe at night. The umbrella is also windproof, thanks to the eight ribs made from fiberglass.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof


  • Flimsy construction
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

This was the most exciting umbrella we reviewed. Its attractive LED lighting is sufficient to guide your steps on a dark, stormy night. A simple press of a button at the base should change the colors and switch on the flashlight. Note the lights are powered, using three AAA battery cartridges installed at the base of the handle.


Apart from its fancy construction, the umbrella has a pretty firm construction. The eight ribs holding the fabric are made from reinforced resin equipping it to withstand heavy rain and strong wind. Also, the material is made from 210 polyester fabric which has a high density, excellent UV protection, and waterproofing capabilities.

Opening mechanism

The umbrella has an automatic opening and closing mechanism. The base button can open the umbrella, switch on the flashlight, and change the handle’s LED colors.


With a length of 32 inches only when opened and 40 inches when closed, the umbrella has a pretty compact design. This means you can easily stash it in your backpack or bag when traveling.

Value for money

The umbrella is reasonably priced for its superb features. Apart from its obvious practical use of keeping you dry during a heavy downpour, its flashlight and LED colored lighting to add some excitement when using it.

Final verdict

The umbrella is an excellent buy for night use. The LED colors and flashlight ensure motorists and other pedestrians recognize you at night. However, it could do with improved build quality. This is because BESTKEE uses plastic all around the seams, which may not be sturdy enough.

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