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Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair Review: Best for Kids

Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair is made using Smartmax fabric that is stain and water-resistant. It is filled using lightweight beans that help in getting a lovely sitting experience.

Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair

The Classic 98 bean bag is best at providing comfort to young kids as it is designed to keep them in mind. Another best thing about this bean bag is that it is refillable which means that whenever needed, you can easily replace the beans and never go out of comfort.

  • Brand: Big Joe
  • Model: 641602
  • Material: Textile


Classic 98 Bean Bag is designed for children especially. At the size of about 3 feet, the bean bag offers cozy sitting for children and teens. It is made with fluffy beans that are not only super soft but refillable too. So in case, the bean bag compresses over time, you can easily refill the beans.


  • Smart max fabric
  • Refillable and double-stitched
  • Child-safe zipper locks


  • Size is small for adults
  • Beans deflate in little time if used frequently
Easy to assemble
Value for money

The details

We all want the best for our children. When you’re looking for bean bag chairs for them, the one thing you want is comfort and coziness. So they can cuddle up and chill on the bean bag easily. Big Joe has designed their Classic 98 Bean Bag, especially for children, so you can choose the best for them without getting their comfort at stake.


This bean bag offers high value. It is specifically targeted for children and hence offers great value for them by providing comfort and coziness. This bean bag is really affordable given the comfy-ness that it has to offer.

Ease to assemble

One of the best things about this bean bag is the ease of assembling that it has. It is super easy to set up and in a single touch, it becomes ready to be used by your children and remains in shape over a long time.


This bean has been made with high-quality smart max fabric. It has been designed while keeping durability and child safety in mind so it has a locking zipper and double-stitched seams. The use of high-quality beans makes the product long-lasting.


It has a size of 27.5 inches in length, 27.5 inches in width, and about 16 inches in height. It weighs only 3 pounds. It is a classic bean bag chair that is roundly shaped. The beans make the bag super comfortable so the children can cuddle up and chill on the bean bag easily.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a soft and durable bean bag for your children, then you should get Big Joe’s Classic 98 Bean Bag. However, you should not get this bean bag for adults or older children as it has a small size, and increased weight might deflate the bean bag earlier.

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