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BioFit Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Overall & Best Probiotic

Losing the battle against effective weight loss? Then take a good look at this weight loss probiotic supplement that not only helps you lose weight but also balances your gut bacteria along the way.

BioFit Weight Loss Supplement

BioFit Weight Loss Supplement

Using a probiotic mechanism similar to yogurt and fermented foods, BioFit incorporates seven highly researched bacterial strains into its formula to assist gut health and promote weight loss. It aims to reduce the number of calories absorbed from food and influences appetite and fat storage by releasing appetite-regulating hormones and increasing levels of fat-regulating proteins.

  • Brand: BioFit
  • Unit count: 30 count
  • Item form: Capsule


Advertised as a probiotic weight loss supplement claiming to support healthy fat loss, BioFit uses 7 potent probiotic strains to alleviate common gut problems while also promoting weight loss. But even though it makes big promises for healthy effective weight loss, it may not work equally well for everyone.


  • Potent formula
  • Supports beneficial gut bacteria
  • Safe for everyone
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not validated scientifically
  • Pricier than the competition
Value for money

The details

BioFit is a diet pill and a probiotic formula best suited to people who have a hard time losing weight despite eating and exercising right. Many such people struggle to lose weight as it could be linked to their gut health. BioFit aims to correct this imbalanced gut environment and restore balance to the gut.


Each capsule of BioFit contains approximately six times the probiotic dose found in a serving of yogurt. So, whereas one serving of probiotic yogurt would yield around 1 billion colony-forming units of probiotic bacteria, BioFit does so with 5.75 billion CFUs per serving.

This is fairly standard when it comes to similar products in the market, so its potency may be similar to what other probiotic supplements have to offer. But BioFit goes a step ahead and incorporates MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides into its formula which is perhaps what gives it a fair advantage over other similar probiotics supplements.

No other probiotic supplement is known to blend its probiotic content with MCTs which makes BioFit unique in the sense. But why is this important or significant? We’ll elaborate in a bit.

The official website showcases positive claims about the formula’s abilities to reduce weight. In many cases, it promises to do so without significantly altering a diet and exercise habits.  

In fact, the biggest claim made on the official website is that people may lose up to 72 pounds without making changes to their diet and exercise and simply adding BioFit into their daily routine.

Now, there is some evidence to show that the probiotics in the formula may help you lose weight as probiotics have been studied for improving energy and metabolism. Probiotics have also been linked to weight loss as an effective treatment for obesity and cholesterol. However, none of these studies have been performed on the BioFit formula itself.  

So, to assume that BioFit may be able to help people lose up to 72 pounds without diet and exercise changes may seem a bit skeptical, understandably.


Now coming back to incorporating MCTs into the BioFit formula.

BioFit takes a different approach to probiotic supplements by combining effective probiotics along with MCTs into its formula for maximum efficacy.

First off, probiotics are the good bacteria found in the digestive tract that help break down foods you eat. They also extract nutrients from food and protect the body from foreign invaders. But while probiotics may help you lose some weight, they cannot do so in a significant manner on their own.

That’s why BioFit uses MCTs in its formula to make it work better. Adding MCTs into a probiotic-based supplement helps improve nutrient absorption. Most probiotic supplements do not bind their formulas with MCTs which may make it hard to absorb optimally.

However, BioFit wraps its ingredients in an MCT formula that assists the probiotics to pass through the stomach acid and digestive tract easily so when they arrive in the intestines, they can start to do their work seamlessly.

Biofit manufacturers claim that since more of the probiotics end up in your digestive tract because of the protective MCT effect, it works better as an effective weight loss aid.

Alongside seven probiotics and MCTs, BioFit also contains vegetable cellulose and maltodextrin. The vegetable cellulose encases the formula whereas maltodextrin holds the probiotics together. The MCTs form a protective shield around the active ingredients as they pass through the body.


In terms of safety, the formula is manufactured free of stimulants and toxins and made in the USA within an FDA-evaluated manufacturing facility.

All BioFit capsules are 100% vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. The supplement is manufactured at a GMP-compliant facility. There have been no reported side effects of using this supplement and it is considered a safe formula to use and see if it works for you.

However, expectant mothers should not this supplement just like any other weight loss product.

Value for money

Compared to the competition, BioFit is priced significantly higher given its quality sourcing and manufacturing standards. But, BioFit manufacturers offer a generous 180-day, 100% money-back guarantee which is practically unheard of in the supplement industry.

If anything, supplement manufacturers offer up to a 90-day refund policy at best, but BioFit outdoes the competition by extending that window to double.

To purchase Biofit, you would have to go to the official website where the supplement is priced between $49 to $69 per bottle depending on how many you order.

  • If you want to try just one bottle, the price comes to $69 + 9.95 shipping.
  • For a 3-bottle purchase, the total comes to $175 plus free shipping in the US.
  • For a 6-bottle purchase, customers pay $295 plus free shipping in the US.

Since each bottle contains 30 capsules you will need to take one capsule of BioFit per day for a month to help achieve the results you’re looking for.

As part of their promotion deal, BioFit manufacturers have bundled different products when you purchase their supplements. The first is an ebook titled The Truth About Dieting which dispels any myths about dieting and debunks some of the most popular diets that people follow today.   

The next is an ebook compilation of favorite recipes that will help you burn fat even while eating the things you enjoy. And the final is a private members area for anyone who purchases BioFit through the official website. This is a private members-only platform where users can learn about health and wellness, view weight loss tutorials, get access to recipes, and much more to make their weight loss journey easier.

Final verdict

If you are struggling to lose weight because of poor gut health, then BioFit may be the right product for you. The best way to use the supplement is to take it alongside a healthy diet while also working out.  

But as is with any weight loss product, some people may benefit more from the use of probiotics than others so results can vary from one person to the next. And even though it may help you lose some weight, it probably can’t help you lose 70 plus pounds without diet and exercise as advertised by the makers of this product.

But if you like the idea of BioFit and don’t mind paying the high-end price, then it is available to order online through their official website with a very generous 180-day refund policy making it a risk-free option to start using a weight loss supplement.

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