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Boogie Bottoms Diaper Rash Spray Review: Best Spray

This is one of the most unique rash creams that come with a no-rub formula. On the contrary to the conventional options, you don't have to touch the baby's already hurt skin, just give it a quick spray and that's all it takes. The 20% Dimethicone ensures that the spray leaves a breathable layer that boosts the relieving process.

Boogie Bottoms Diaper Rash Cream

Boogie Bottoms Diaper Rash Cream

It is a top-rated spray for curing diaper rashes!

  • Brand: Boogie Bottoms
  • Product Number: 433420
  • Item Form: Spray


Boogie Bottoms is offering a brilliant solution to cure diaper rashes without getting your hands messy. Use this spray to cover the baby’s infected skin with soothing and protective layer ointment.


  • Advanced ingredients
  • Best ointment to treat rashes while travelling
  • Mess free


  • It may splatter
Sensitive-skin friendlyness
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

It is daunting to apply an ointment when your baby got inflaming rashes. You want to soothe him without hurting and a diaper rash spray is a perfect solution. The boogie Bottom diaper rash spray spreads perfectly on the affected regions and relieves itching and irritation. Parents have been using it for a long time to cure diaper rash problem. It works and therefore it is a great alternative to diaper rash creams!


This spray is quite thin and it attacks germs causing redness and rashes. We haven’t found any buyer that is praising moisturizing effects of this spray. You should try a rash cream if you want to treat and moisturize the infected skin.

For sensitive skin

This spray contains 25% Microfine zinc oxide for quick relief. It soothes irritation immediately and 20% Dimethicone works to create a protective layer against constant rubbing. These ingredients do not harm sensitive skin and therefore we recommend it for sensitive skin!

Easy to apply

This spray is super easy to apply on the baby’s skin. Get the spray bottle out and target the spray on the infected region. It will perfectly cover the infected skin with fast-action ointment to cure diaper rashes!

Value for money

It is an affordable spray to treat skin infections in babies. You should keep it in your home if you don’t like messy gels and creams.

Final verdict

Boogie Bottoms is offering the best alternative to diaper rash creams. Its spray contains all the essential ingredients needed to cure irritating diaper rashes. Many parents have used it to treat baby’s skin infections. They have praised its performance and offered it top ratings. Therefore, we suggest you to buy it and try it!

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