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Bousnic Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best for Two Dogs

This one is perfect for the professional and new pet owners alike since the silicone layering sits nicely on the pet’s neck while the collar’s signals range up to 1000 ft. It can cope with 2 dogs at once so you don’t have to go for an extra collar. The ergonomic design ensures that your pet doesn’t find it irritable for a split second.

Bousnic Beep Vibration dog shock collar

Bousnic Beep Vibration dog shock collar

While some dog collars are equipped to control more than one dog, they don't always make it easy. Bousnic’s remote control has button toggles for dog 1 and dog 2, allowing you to know where you’re sending commands. The toggles are also displayed on the screen.

  • Brand: Bousnic
  • Product Number: 320B
  • Material: Nylon


The dog collar is a solid buy for anyone with more than one pet. The manufacturer makes it easy to control them by labeling and separating the buttons, displaying the screen's functions, and including colored straps.


  • Consistent wireless connectivity
  • Can control more than one dog
  • Colored straps


  • Expensive
Wireless Range
Value for money

The details

Walking two dogs can be a nightmare. The Bousnic dog training collar eases the job by providing an easy way for you to control your pets. It comes with a remote self-explanatory, and the buttons for all the training modes are well-labeled, making it easy to operate.


What stands out about this collar’s performance is the dual-channel system on the remote that allows you to train two dogs simultaneously. Also, collar straps come in black and yellow colors and are both paired to the remote.


The device has three training modes with adjustable intensity levels. The vibration setting has eight levels, while the static shock mode has 16 levels. You want to keep the shock training mode at the lowest setting (5) because it’s incredibly powerful. Another adjustable feature on this device is the collar strap, as it can fit dogs weighing 15 to 120 pounds.

Wireless range

This dog collar has a relatively decent wireless range of 1000 feet. It’s also equipped with an advanced anti-jamming technology supporting a stable signal if using the device in different environments.

Value for money

The collar is quite pricey, but its ability to control two dogs simultaneously makes it worth every penny.

Final verdict

The device is a pretty good solution for people with multiple pets. Its wireless range could be improved to enable pet owners to control dogs within a long-range.

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