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Brooks Women’s Addiction Walking Shoes Review: Best for Walking

These walking shoes are made up of sturdy yet flexible suede leather and mesh which is easy to clean and breathable. The rubber soles are slip-resistance and stable as well.

Brooks Women's Addiction Walking Shoes

Brooks Women's Addiction Walking Shoes

Best plantar fasciitis shoes for walking all day

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Model: 1200321B001
  • Manmade: Yes


The product is priced very reasonably and offers great grip and support. The midsoles are thick and the interior is very breathable due to its mesh lining.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Soft and thick cushioning
  • Snug fit


  • Uncomfortable for curved feet
Arch support
Midsole support
Forefoot cushioning
Value for money

The details

These walkers by Brooks come in a trendy shape with thick soles which are very in-trend these days. The width and height of the shoe are very well-balanced for a snug fit and tight grip. The toe region is also lifted for good support and the heel-to-toe transition isn’t hurtful at all.

Arch support

The arches are flat to medium which is perfect for flat feet. On the other hand, the arch offers zero support for people with arched feet and heavy users, the non-varying height of the sole can turn out painful after a long walk or run.

Midsole support

The midsole is 12mm thick and flexible rubber has been used in the construction. Both these features make the interior very soft and the exterior remains firm and adjustable according to the surface. Thick midsoles also offer good shock attenuation.

Forefoot cushioning

The shoes come with well-contoured pads and cushioning keeping the product soft on the skin, the forefoot and toe region has BioMoGo DNA technology which puts minimum pressure on the feet and ankles.

Value for money

These shoes come at a very reasonable price and offer a high value for money. The purpose intended is walking and every feature except the arch fulfills it 100%. However, the pair isn’t multipurpose and not apt for work-outs and running.

Final verdict

Overall, the shoes are very balanced for their purpose of walks especially for flat to medium arched feet. Being pocket-friendly, trendy, and durable, these ones are a very safe bet for walkers.

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