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Care Touch Disinfectant Wipes Review: Best for Travel

OwlRatings present you with this resealable package that makes these perfect wipes for traveling. They fit conveniently in any car or travel bag. Also, they are a great alternative to use instead of liquid hand sanitizers.

Care Touch Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizing Disinfectant Wipes

Care Touch Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizing Disinfectant Wipes

The packaging is very portable; these wipes are best for traveling purposes.

  • Brand: Care Touch
  • Product Number: B07N31Z4NS
  • Scent: Unscented


These wipes contain aloe extract, so they are suitable for all skin types and have no side effects.


  • Gentle and moisturizing
  • Fresh scent
  • Portable


  • Does not disinfectant
  • Thin wipes
Value for money

The details

The Care Touch wipes are useful for cleaning hands without leaving any harsh chemicals. These wipes are suitable for children and even babies as they are alcohol-free and soothe the skin while cleansing. For people who are always finding the perfect wipes to carry around, these wipes are most compatible.


Care Touch wipes are made using good quality ingredients to maintain their safety standards for all skin types.


They are comparatively a little expensive, but once bought, the money spent will be worth it.


These wipes are not suitable for disinfecting as they are alcohol-free, but do clean the hands properly.


The active agent used is Benzalkonium chloride 0.13%, while various inactive agents are used, including glycerin, citric acid, and more. 

Final verdict

Care Touch wipes are best suited for highly sensitive skin people or who wish to maintain moisture on their hands. The scent is not strong and only leaves a refreshing effect. Be ever ready and hygienic with these wipes.

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