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Caresour Disinfectant Wipes Review: Best for Corona Virus

These wipes are very user-friendly, you can simply open the lid, pull back the resealable label gently, and close the lid again. Contains four packs of 50 disposable, and hand sanitizer wipes.

Caresour Alcohol Wipes

Caresour Alcohol Wipes

It is the best alcohol-based disinfectant available out there.

  • Brand: Caresour
  • Product Number: B089ZV1GDW
  • Scent: Alcohol


These wipes are quite effective when it comes to disinfecting hands or surfaces. They have a strong composition to get rid of viruses and bacteria without harming the skin.


  • 75% Alcohol formula
  • Effective sanitization
  • Sturdy wipes


  • Small size
  • Strong scent
Value for money

The details

Caresour is a reputable brand that not only provides excellent cleaning products but also focuses on sustainable production. The hand wipes are handy and efficient for disinfecting hands and surfaces. They are useful to quickly get rid of bacteria and viruses to keep the atmosphere healthy.


Not only the sanitization is great; the packaging is compact and re-sealable to maintain the quality of the product.


The wipes cost more than other drug store hand wipes, but they are a great pick considering the quality.


The 75% alcohol formula helps in more effective cleaning and disinfecting.


The main active ingredient is ethanol (alcohol) 75%, which is responsible for the disinfecting properties and the strong smell.

Final verdict

Caresour wipes are perfect for people looking for strong alcohol-based sanitizer wipes. If you are one of them, just go for it. The cleaning is ideal and reliable to ensure excellent hygiene.  

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