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CeraCare Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Type 2 Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control

If you've been struggling to manage your weight while suffering from diabetes type 2, then here is something that may help you manage both conditions better.

CeraCare Weight Loss Supplement

CeraCare Weight Loss Supplement

The supplement claims to play a part in regulating or perhaps even reversing diabetes while keeping the individual's blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. Additionally, it may even present benefits for improving heart health and eyesight, increasing metabolism, curb cravings, and even present a rejuvenating effect.

  • Brand: CeraCare
  • Unit count: 30 count
  • Item form: Capsule


A supplement designed to support individuals with type 2 diabetes, this will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and control cravings for carbs and sweets. It promises to provide more antioxidants than other similar supplements using only natural ingredients that will detoxify and bolster blood sugar health. Yet there is very little scientific evidence to back up these claims.


  • Suitable for all ages above 18 suffering from type 2 diabetes
  • Controls cravings effectively
  • Safe to consume


  • More expensive than other similar products
  • Little scientific backing for its claims
  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Contains gelatin
Value for money

The details

Taking its inspiration from traditional Tibetan tea, CeraCare uses a combination of barks, roots, leaves, and berries sourced from different plants known to contain antioxidants and affect glucose metabolism.

The formula aims to work around reducing ceramide concentration in the body, hoping to reverse a pre diabetic or diabetic condition. In addition, it also hopes to improve blood health, enhance blood sugar levels, boost energy and vitality, as well as improve the overall health for diabetics and prediabetics.


Using an all-natural formula, CeraCare can help improve circulation, reduce blood toxins, add more anti-oxidants, and reduce inflammation with the aim to preserve insulin stability. By improving insulin levels and reducing insulin resistance, this supplement makes it easier to control blood sugar levels even for diabetics and prediabetics.

Manufacturers recommend taking one capsule daily with a meal first thing in the morning, pairing each ingestion with a full glass of water. They also advise making small lifestyle changes such as including exercise into a sedentary lifestyle to see the best results.


The formula includes a blend of yarrow flower, licorice and white mulberry, bitter melon, juniper berries, and banaba leaf.

Of these, yarrow flower comes fortified with vitamins and minerals with the capacity to target and flush out dangerous ceramide compounds. Licorice and white mulberry can create a potent catalytic effect that melts away the fat. The combination of bitter melon, juniper berries, and banaba leaf melts away fat deposits by attacking and dissolving deadly fat cells that sit around the belly and pancreas.

In addition, every serving of CeraCare includes important vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and E, biotin, zinc, magnesium, manganese, vanadium, chromium, cinnamon, ALA, L taurine, and cayenne.

Collectively, these ingredients prevent ceramide lipids from entering the bloodstream and clogging up the arteries. The combined effect of this concoction helps eliminate ceramide, repairs DNA damage, and wards off inflammation.

The ingredients listed on the CeraCare label have undergone sufficient research to establish their benefits for diabetes and blood sugar regulation. However, the CeraCare team has not currently funded any clinical research on its product in particular. There have been no independent studies or research on the CeraCare formula itself although the ingredients are currently involved in research dealing with the treatment of diabetes.


Overall, CeraCare seems to be a safe supplement as it is 100% natural. No severe side effects have been associated with its consumption and every batch is manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA-approved and GMP compliant facility.

While its ingredient profile showcases safe ingredients, CeraCare does contain gelatin in its formula making it unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians. Also, people with pre-existing health conditions requiring medication should consult with their doctor before starting CeraCare.

Value for money 

One bottle of CeraCare contains a 30-day supply which is good for a month. Plus, every purchase of CeraCare is backed by a money-back guarantee. Manufacturers offer a 60-day refund policy where you can ask for your money back if you are not happy with the results provided by the supplement.

To purchase a bottle of CeraCare, customers have to pay $69 each plus free shipping in the US.

You can also avail bundles available from CeraCare priced at $59 each for three bottles for a 90-day supply and $49 each for six bottles for a 180-day supply.

All orders come with free shipping in the US whereas international orders are subject to a shipping fee of $5.95.

Final verdict

Diabetes is a serious condition that needs proper medical attention. The ingredients used in CeraCare may have some effect on insulin resistance, fat storage, and fat burning but to say that it can reverse diabetes seems like a bit of a stretch to us. To be effective, the ingredients used in the CeraCare formula would have to be much higher per ingredient. However, the formula contains a proprietary blend that only yields 415mg per serving which is too low to have much effect.  

It may help to take the supplement if you want to manage your weight somewhat more effectively while suffering from diabetes, but it would be unrealistic to depend on the supplement to improve or reverse diabetes. We feel that anyone diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes can consider using this product but should still continue with their diabetes management protocol as instructed by their health care provider.

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