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Clif Kid ZBar Protein Bars Review: Best for Kids

This is a whole-grain protein snack specifically for the kids since each bar has 5g of protein. They have a crispy texture to make them more compatible with the child's taste preference. The chocolaty flavor makes it a healthy replacement for harmful junk snacks.

Clif Kid ZBar Protein Bars

Clif Kid ZBar Protein Bars

Clif Kid Zbars are healthy snacks for kids. With just the right amount of protein, these bars are a great source of energy.

  • Brand: Clif Kid ZBar
  • Product Number: 191600
  • Flavor: Chocolate Mint


Sadly, most manufacturers make protein bars for adults only. Kids need these bars as much as their adults. Clif Kid Zbar is one of the most healthy and beneficial protein bars for kids. It has all the healthy ingredients to support your kid’s body and brain’s growth.


  • Good flavor
  • Consists of healthy granola
  • Very few calories


  • Added Sugar
  • Contains Soy
Value for money

The details

Your kid, just like you, also needs a healthy snack to fulfill his/her hunger pangs. With the whole day spent in school, it is hard for kids to retain energy. If you want to support your child’s active life, getting him a pack of Clif kid Zbars will be the best thing you can do.


The 5 grams of proteins are just the right source of energy your kid needs in a day. The design of these bars supports active kids and their busy lifestyles. Each bar provides enough energy to last a whole day. Also since these bars are gluten-free, your kids can enjoy as many as they can.


Each bar has 5 grams of proteins with just a few grams of sugar. However, these protein bars also contain added sugars. Added sugars are not as healthy as natural sugars. Also, the Clif Kid Zbars have milk, soy, and peanuts. If your kid is allergic to any of the above ingredients, please do not give them these bars.


Clif Kid Zbars have a wonderful crunch with a great balance of chocolate chips. The crispy kid-friendly texture is what kids love.

Value for money

Clif Kid Zbars are not very expensive. You can buy these bars in bulk so your kid can have one as he pleases.

Final verdict

Although Clif Kid Zbars lack a good blend of ingredients, the healthy amount of protein content makes these bars very attractive for your kids.  Since proteins are important for your kids, a bar a day is a safe portion to consume.

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