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Cole Haan Original Grand Oxford Dress Shoes Review: Best Premium

These 100% leather soles have a unique sole design. The soles are thick, flat, and very flexible, like most sports shoes for the best comfort in a pair of dress shoes.

Cole Haan Original Grand Oxford dress shoes

Cole Haan Original Grand Oxford dress shoes

Best premium dress shoes if price doesn't matter

  • Brand: Cole Haan
  • Model: C26472
  • Material: Leather


The highlight of this pair would be the soles that come in an amazing variety of color contrast. The leather outer is well-ventilated due to the breathable linings and foot-beds are cushioned with EVA foam.


  • Soft insoles
  • Durable exterior
  • Wide enough toe box


  • Uncomfortable for curved feet
Value for money

The details

These dress shoes have a very different sole that is thick and flexible. The overall look is unique and best-fitted for people with flat feet. It’s a perfect choice for all-day-long use with comfort and softness on the skin. 


The soles give the overall design a huge lift. If you want a pair that also gives a good amount of height and feels soft on the inside, this is a great option. The shafts are moderately heighted that won’t bite your feet and still have a firm grip and a snug fit.


The inner is completely cushioned with EVA foam and the shafts are elastic and flexible too. It’s a lightweight pair with soles that also provide shock diminution. However, the relatively flatter sole shape can be a bit inconvenient for medium and high-arched feet.


The pair is designed in a way that the leather outer won’t lose shape or wear off even after an everyday use. The soles and midsoles are firm and flexible so the shoe can easily bend according to the need. It’s a one-time investment that would easily last you a long period of time.


Although the price is a bit high, such a flexible, breathable and different-looking pair of dress shoes is hard to find. It offers great stability with the grip patches on the sole and provides a comfortable walk without any pain or constriction in the toe area.

Final verdict

Finally, if you want to go for a casual to semiformal look, this pair suits your needs perfectly. It has a more outgoing, casual shape and design with playful colors and a sturdy shape. The reliability and design of it do justice to the high price very fairly.

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