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Coleman Built-in 4 Camping Chair Review: Best for Heavy Users

Features a comfortable head cushion, mesh cup holder and comes in two different colors i.e. black and grey. Also, contains side pockets and has a spacious room.

Coleman Built-in 4 camping chair

Coleman Built-in 4 camping chair

Apart from being an affordable, portable camping chair, it also offers you comfort in the form of its soft headrest and drink-holder.

  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 2000020267-wParent
  • Material: Steel


This camping chair has a comfortable headrest that supports your neck perfectly, letting you relax for hours and hours at your camping site. It is also conveniently portable, so you can fold and take it on the go. Another convenient feature is the built-in cooler on the side that lets you reach for a cool drink whenever you want.


  • Plenty of space
  • Comes with built-in cooler
  • Comfortable


  • Drinks will not stay cold for long
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

Whether you’re going camping, having a cook-out, or going to the beach, a convenient portable chair is always an excellent item to bring along with you. And that’s why with its ideal weight and many cool features, the Coleman built-in 4 can cooler is a great option. This chair features a side cooler, a pouch, and comfortable seating.


Despite its affordable price, the Coleman camping chair is made out of durable material that isn’t likely to give out on you with only a few uses. This chair is made out of 100% ethylene foam and has excellent construction. It can also hold up to 325 pounds in weight.

Opening mechanism

The opening mechanism for this chair is as easy as you would expect for any portable camping chair, unfold and straighten the legs of the chair, and you’re good to go.


The Coleman built-in 4 can cooler itself weighs considerably less, so it will be convenient to store in the back of your car without any added weight weighing you down. It can also be folded up without any trouble and straightened out just as quickly.


Given all of its features, this camping chair comes at a very affordable price. And considering its construction, portability, and other features, it’s worth every dime. This means you’ll be getting a long-lasting camping chair if this the chair you’re going for.

Final verdict

The Coleman built-in 4 can cooler is the perfect purchase if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable chair. Not only will you have a comfortable resting spot, but you’ll also have a cool drink ready if you’re feeling the need for one. This chair is definitely a top choice for camping chairs; it offers many amenities for a very reasonable price.

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