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Coleman Folding Camping Chair Review: Best with Side Table

This is a great camping chair that comes with a weather-resistant property. It is a lightweight and comfortable camping chair. It offers maximum relaxation due to its unique design.

Coleman Folding camping chair

Coleman Folding camping chair

The most prominent feature of this camping chair is its side-table that can be flipped up and down according to need.

  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 1423799
  • Material: Steel


This camping chair comes with a side table that is a very convenient feature. This is doubly true because you can flip up and down depending on whether you need it or not. It also has reliable construction, is lightweight, and offers you a very comfortable experience.


  • Portable
  • Unique design
  • Weather-proof


  • Supports only 225 lbs
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

Coleman brings you a wide variety of some of the best camping chairs in the market of all kinds. This Coleman chair offers numerous other features, but something that distinguishes it from the rest of the camping chairs is its side-table. This side-table is a really convenient feature as you can place any number of items on it like your books, your drink, and phone, whatever you want.


This chair is made out of an aluminum framework that is reliable enough to keep the frame strong and withstand wear. The fabric covering the framework is weather-proof and good quality, so you won’t have to worry about a sudden rain-storm ruing your camping chairs. This chair was built to support people of two hundred and twenty-five pounds or less.

Opening mechanism

Like most camping chairs, this Coleman folding with side-table camping chair too has a straightforward and quick opening mechanism. You simply unfold it like you would any other camping chair and flip up the side-table if you have a mind to do so. You can also fold right back quite quickly once you’re done with it.


Seeing as it weighs only about eight pounds or even less than that, this product is one of the most lightweight camping chairs of its kind. And that means carrying it around with you is no problem at all. Another great feature is the strap attached to the chair’s arms that help you bring it around when folded up.


From construction to portability, this camping chair seems to have it all. It an excellent option for anyone who wants a standard camping chair with a touch of uniqueness. And although its price might not be the cheapest, it still manages to deliver numerous features for the price that it does offer.

Final verdict

Overall, this Coleman folding with side-table camping chair seems to be a good option if you want to pack up your work and get it done in the great outdoors. Just pack up your work, take this camping chair and head out to your camping or beach or wherever you may want it to be because nothing beats getting some work finished while getting some fresh air and looking at beautiful scenery.

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