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Combat Max Ant Killing Gel Review: Best for Lawns

It has a higher water content that multiplies its ability. For the people who have got kids at home, it is the safest option. The syringe-applicator lets you reach all the nooks and corners without spending a lot of your time. You may expect to see the results in just 3 days.

Combat Max Ant Killing Gel

Combat Max Ant Killing Gel

This ant killer instantly kills ants in their hideouts. It’s a reliable cure to exterminate ants in cracks and holes.

  • Brand: Combat
  • Product Number: 10023400973061
  • Material: Plastic


Kills ants on contact! It is a perfect solution to block ants into their hideouts, like in cracks, tiny holes, and corners.


  • Cheap cost
  • extremely easy to use
  • perfect for indoor and outdoor use


  • Not effective against a large ant colony
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Buy and use this ant killing gel if you know spots from where ants enter in your house. Just a few drops of this toxic gel would be enough to poison and kill many indoor and outdoor ants. It kills ants on contact. Therefore, most of the home-owners use it to block and kills ants in cracks and holes.


Being one of the top-rated ant killers in the market, Combat Max Ant Killing Gel has satisfied thousands of users. It’s effective against a small colony of ants.

Ease of use

You get this ant killing gel in a ready-to-use tube. Remove the tube and apply the gel in ant suspected regions to kill them in hours.  

Value for money

This cost-effective gel can easily wipe out a small colony of ants. Therefore, it’s a reliable product for daily household use.


It is quite affordable and powerful. You won’t find another such a cheap and effective ant killing gel, which kills a variety of ants.

Final verdict

Combat Max Ant Killing Gel lures ants and exterminates them in hours. Apply a few drops of this gel in highly infested areas. You will find many dead ants in those regions in a few hours.

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